After years of hard work and creative cardboard engineering, I finally won the award that I’ve been hunting every holiday season since moving to Portland:

Best Costume, Adult Euphonium/Baritone Player

That’s right this Saturday, a “giant mammal” (to quote Chuck Bolton) danced to the front of the stage at Tuba Christmas and took on some fierce competition from an elf with a snowman on her euphonium to win the glory (and a $50 gift card!).

I’d like to thank my wife and mother for coercing me into becoming rudolph and helping with the costume. I’d like to thank my family and friends who braved the cold bricks to listen and cheer me on!

I love Tuba Christmas on multiple levels: as a community event,  a brass community event, a celebration of music and music education, and a fun performance. This year was one of the best both because of having fun in my costume and hanging out with friends, and because it was dry and only moderately cold.

Looking forward to cooking up something good for next year!

Christmas Cantata!

My good friend Joey from Encore is the music director at a wonderful church up in Battle Ground and I was honored when he asked me to join in on their Christmas Cantata.  I love having the opportunity to play both very creative improvised music as well as traditional Christmas music.

Prince of Peace Christmas Cantata 
Sunday, Dec. 16 @ 10:15am
14208 NE 249th St Battle Ground, WA 


Gig Count: 36

Most Tubaful Time of The Year!

With the holidays coming around, I’m excited to play Euphonium at not one, but two Tuba Christmases!

Each one is a little different. Portland is an officially licensed Tuba Christmas, with about 300 performers outside in the square. Salem only allows 100 performers and is indoor at the beautiful Elsinore Theater.

Portland Tuba Christmas
Saturday, December 8 1:30PM
Pioneer Courthouse Square

Salem Tuba Holiday 
Monday, December 24 12:00PM
Elsinore Theater

I will most likely be dressed festively and having a great time.

Gig Count: 35

Last WTF of the year

The Holiday season is fully into swing, evidenced by my spending half an hour deleting black Friday emails before being able to get anything done today. Its getting colder outside, and being in the warm, green glow of the Jade lounge is a million times more appealing than during August. Join Ben and I for one last hurrah for the year:

Sunday, December 2 7PM – WTF at Jade Lounge
Waffle Taco

We will be doing some electronic stuff, and some solo stuff. I will try to encapsulate the holiday spirit in my playing.

Gig Count: 33

Recording Session

Today I did the biggest recording session yet in my home studio, recording drums and bass for some Top Shelf Low Down tracks. It was a fun experience, and went well.

I got an 8 channel ADAT interface to handle the extra inputs needed to manage the extra inputs needed. It was my first experience setting up ADAT, and the biggest technical glitch in the whole session was a clocking issue. Once I got everything talking correctly, and the channels stopped sounding like they were going through a bit crusher, the session went buttery smooth.

We did four mics on the drums: kick, snare, and two overheads. Then we had a bass and a scratch vocal track. We didn’t do any horn, because we didn’t have an easy way to do isolation with the drums. I was kind of glad, since I was already manning the computer.

The room sounds good for drums, and the tracks came out sounding great. Next up, I’ll dub in some horn and ship them to Ben to do some vocal dubs. We should have some great new recordings coming out soon!

Portland Place or Thing

As hinted, I played with SMU on a live taping of the Public Access / Twitch Show, Portland Place or Thing.

It was a weird and cool experience, as I didn’t know much about it beforehand, other than where the studio was and that we were being taped. I still haven’t had a chance to check out the final product. We played background music throughout the show, and couldn’t hear any of the talking, so I have no idea what was going on outside our music. I caught some glimpses of what was going on with the green screen, and I think at one point there was a dude in a bird mask. The show was about creativity, and I definitely felt it in the room. I’m excited that my playing gives me the opportunities to be a part of such unique experiences.

There was a couple hours of setup for the show, which were included in the stream, so there is now footage of me walking around and shooting the breeze with Bill ahead of the actual show out on the web. The actual show starts at the 1:38:00 on the stream.

You can check it out here: 

Stochastic Times

I love playing with the Stochastic Mettle Union. After missing out on some of their gigs this fall with them (because of all of the other stuff I already had booked), I am excited to play with them a couple times this week and next. On Tuesday, we did a recording session with Xapchyk. It was a really fun session with 8 musicians playing all the same time. It was cool playing with 3 other horn players, and getting some more opportunities to trade ideas compared to Waffle Taco. Flugelhorn and bass clarinet are a sick combination.

We’re doing a taping next week, which will be a new experience.


Gig count 32




I had a busy day on Sunday. I played a church service in the morning, played and led Encore Brass with the church’s Oktoberfest after the service, and then played some experimental music with Ben for the WrekTango release party.

About halfway through all of this, I realized that I was coming down with a horrible cold, which I am still fighting. Despite feeling like crap, I had a great time all around.

WrekTango is officially out, and available, here’s the spotify version for your listening entertainment:

Gig Count: I think I counted a WTF twice at one point, so still 31 even though I did the church service.



WTF November

Coming off the album release, we’ll be playing as both Waffle Taco and Top $helf Low Down at the Jade in November. It should be a fun one!

Sunday, November 4 7PM – WTF at Jade Lounge
Waffle Taco and Top $helf Low Down

Gig Count: 31



I’m excited to announce the release of Waffle Taco’s next album, WrekTango, coming out Friday, October 19th. It’s the culmination of a few years of recording and represents the most avant garden and electronic sounds produced by us. It’s a digital only release, so you can check it out where-ever you find music online starting the 19th!

To celebrate, we are having a release party at Cactus on 7910 SE Stark St. on the 21st at 5PM. In addition to hanging out and listening to the album, Ben and I will be performing a small and unique set without trumpet or bass.


Gig Count: 30