Live Stream #3

I will be live streaming some music on Thursday! I haven’t decided exactly what I will be doing, but it should be fun. All of the options I am weighing right now involve new music that hasn’t been shared anywhere else yet. Tune in and enjoy!

Looping Live Stream

Tomorrow, Thursday May 7th, I am going to do another live stream on facebook featuring some looping.

I learned a lot doing my last one, so this should be even better.

It’s going down at 5pm, which is solidly happy hour. Grab a drink and enjoy!

Live Stream

I tried my hand at a live stream for the first time since the pandemic. It went really well. It was an hour long and hit on stuff from all of my releases, celebrating Fishwerks coming out on Friday. I was nervous coming into it, but there weren’t any major issues. Look out for another one to happen soon!

Fishwerks Promo Video

Despite the many downsides of being stuck at home, a silver lining is having a lot more time to work on recording projects. In this vein, I decided to get Fishwerks out the door. I had originally said Summer/Fall, but I moved it up a bit to next week! Here’s a little video to get you properly excited.

Selected Clodewerks is Back!

With the release of Clodewerks 2 earlier this year, I switched digital distributors. As a result of my the solution, I was able to get my first release, Selected Clodewerks, back out on the interwebs!

I originally had it distributed, but with an expensive subscription that I let go of. Now it is back in action so you can enjoy classic tracks like Mintberry Slush and Week 1.


With all gigs and rehearsals not happening, I’ve been able to make a lot of recording progress. I’m thrilled to announce my next release, and EP called Fishwerks. I’m wrapping up recording soon, and it should be caught and released later in the Summer/Early Fall.


With the COVID-19 Pandemic in full swing, playing live has come to a full halt for me. This includes Waffle Taco at the Jade Lounge beginning of April, and the NW Loopfest in the middle of the month.

This is an unprecedented situation and I’m a bit anxious about what the landscape will be like in the months to come. I’m hopeful that live music venues will be able to weather the storm and we will be able to return to a vibrant music scene in Portland.

In the meantime, being stuck at home presents many opportunities for me to focus on creating. Expect to see some new audio and video from me soon!