Porchfest lineups!

Milwaukie Porchfest starts in a couple weeks! The first three Fridays in May, from 6-8 there will be music and entertainment happening throughout town that you can enjoy socially distanced from the sidewalk. I’m thrilled to be playing all three weeks, as Clodewerks, Waffle Taco, and Stochastic Mettle Union local #35. I’m also excited to for my friends Twenty Three Suns and Oleada that are playing as well.

More details here: http://milwaukieporchfest.com/

The Hilton

I was loopy and had a spare hour last week, and it coincided perfectly with a spam bot leaving me a voicemail. Therefore, I give you my track for March, Do the Hilton:


I was thrilled when I heard that Milwaukie Porchfest was not only back, but happening in the spring instead of the fall. I was so excited, I sent the Milwaukie Arts Committee an email asking what I could do to help. In addition to playing and hosting (details tba), I am the web designer for the 2021 Porchfest! Check it out here:


Live stream for March: some originals

I’ve been doing a lot of covers and improvising, but I thought for my next live stream it would be nice to do some of my original tunes for your enjoyment. Tune in Mar 18, 2021, 6:00 PM

Improvisations for February

For my next live stream, which is next week, I’m going to be doing looping and improvising, but a little bit different than normal. I’ve made a custom long-format looper in max/msp I’ll be playing around with. Come see the results and see max/msp in action! Next Thursday, the 25th at 6pm


For 2021, I’m releasing a new track every month. I’ve been recording a lot, but I have a growing group of tracks that don’t fit in to specific releases I’m planning. I like them a lot, and want to share them with you, so that’s what I’m doing. I hope you enjoy this track, Lupine!


I was supposed to do a livestream yesterday, but with everything going on in the world, I got distracted and thought it was tomorrow. So that’s happening tomorrow!

I’ve also figured out what I’m going to do for my next stream, it’s going to be Valentines day themed!