Improvisations for February

For my next live stream, which is next week, I’m going to be doing looping and improvising, but a little bit different than normal. I’ve made a custom long-format looper in max/msp I’ll be playing around with. Come see the results and see max/msp in action! Next Thursday, the 25th at 6pm


For 2021, I’m releasing a new track every month. I’ve been recording a lot, but I have a growing group of tracks that don’t fit in to specific releases I’m planning. I like them a lot, and want to share them with you, so that’s what I’m doing. I hope you enjoy this track, Lupine!


I was supposed to do a livestream yesterday, but with everything going on in the world, I got distracted and thought it was tomorrow. So that’s happening tomorrow!

I’ve also figured out what I’m going to do for my next stream, it’s going to be Valentines day themed!

Operating in 2021

My first livestream of 2021 is scheduled for a couple weeks from now on Tuesday, January 19th at 6 pm. My amazing wife got me a Pocket Operator for Christmas, so I’m definitely going to jam out on that.


Here’s a holiday EP for you to enjoy!

Tuba Christmas?

Tuba Christmas is kind of happening this year. I was fully expecting it to be cancelled completely, but Pioneer Courthouse Square has decided to roll it into their Polka Dot Downtown initiative. That means that Tuba Christmas is still on!

Pioneer Square has installed giant polka dots throughout downtown. The idea is that these are designated, socially distanced locations for local musicians to play on.

This Saturday, a good number of those dots will be filled in with small Tuba groups! I will be playing at Pioneer Courthouse Square itself from 1-2PM.

I’m glad that it is happening, but hope that not many people show up for it. The pandemic is raging, and it’s a delicate balance between safety and keeping these traditions alive. It’s supposed to be wet out there Saturday. I will try to livestream or record, but no guarantees.

Stay safe, and Merry Tuba Christmas!

Trumpet Live Stream

All of my live streams are trumpet oriented, but this one is especially so. Tuesday, I am going to be playing some more challenging pieces that I’ve been working on lately to stay in shape. Most of my rehearsals aren’t happening, so I have been more diligent about pushing myself to stay in shape on the horn.

NW Loopfest Archives

Even though this year’s loopfest is over, I am working on tying all of the loose ends up before taking a break for the holidays. One of the big things after every year is making sure the concert footage is released so that all of the artists have it to use. This year, that was made really easy since Youtube lets you automatically record streams so they are available later.

Even though the videos were out there, I needed to make sure the new website was appropriately pointing to them. While I was at it, I figured I should set it up to have all of the previous years in there as well. So I created this page:

Most of it was easy because Noah still has a similar page with the ones 2017 and earlier that he ran. All I had to do was take that and combine it with the last two years. Now its as easy as ever to view all of the performances from previous years!