Today I went about compiling a bunch of people’s thoughts on the subjects of cubes. Here is what I got:

Gabe: Don’t forget about Companion Cube <3

James: The Hyper Cube: a four by four Rubik’s.

Sarah: SOM room 190 is the cube. Is there something special about the acoustics of a cube? You know, now that i think about it, ice cubes are not really in the shape of a cube. If you say “cube” enough times, it starts to sound really funny.

Neo Cube

David: Ice cube is also a rapper, and a bad actor. Bonus.

Brandon: The algorithm to solve a Rubik’s cube in an optimal way is called God’s Algorithm.

Ralene: Lots of right angles and inspired Picasso and cubism.

Tia: I’m too busy writing my paper in a cubicle to say anything about cubes.

Nathan: Cubes dispense varieties of mushrooms, flowers and leaves.

Zane: Zane actually dressed up as a Rubik’s cube… I don’t have the picture though…

Myself: Do all cubes come from Cuba, or did the style of three dimensional squares just originate from there? Watched the movie Cube, thinking it would help me solve a Rubik’s. I was wrong. Today, I took the stickers off of my Rubik’s to make a cubist collage. Cubetacular Cubular Cubages are Calling me to Complete College.

Feel free to make your own cubist proclamations!

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