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A lot of people out there like to hate on Cleveland for whatever reason, but I think its definitely underrated (especially for being rated the worst). One of the many things I believe in is that Cleveland is a great place, otherwise I wouldn’t let people out in Oregon call me Cleveland, and I wouldn’t be hosting the Cleveland Show on KWVA. Earlier this summer, the Plain Dealer did an article about 100 things they love about Cleveland, and then had to follow it up with a hundred more due to people complaining about great stuff that didn’t make their list. I figured I would share my favorite things about Cleveland and maybe hope to spread the word of Cleveland’s hidden gemness.

  1. Food. Although I’m not a mustard fan, and I rarely have Pierogis, I still am always excited to go out to eat when I get back to Cleveland. The Lizard has great wings, burgers, and a beer list big enough to have a different beer every time you come for a solid three years. But you don’t need that wide selection when the Great Lakes Brewing Company is brewing great stuff right down the street. The main thing that I get when I’m back here are really great burgers and wings. Beardens and Brown Bag deliver amazing burgers, and BW3 and Quaker Steak are always a good choice for wings. Not to mention the best BBQ place owned by a former brown, Bubba Q’s
  2. Classical Music. Between the Cleveland Orchestra, Blossom, CIM, and the Oberlin Conservatory, there is no shortage of talent and great concerts coming through Cleveland. In fact, I am going to go see Yo Yo Ma tomorrow night at Blossom.
  3. Sarcasm- With all the shit that Clevelanders put up with, they need to develop a special form of humor.
  4. Art Museum- Its free and contains an oversized tube of toothpaste.
  5. Movies- Between the drive through, the refurbished Capitol Theatre, the Cinematheque, and even movies at playhouse square, you can get the most amazing movie experiences. Just ask my friends about 2Everyting is 2Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift.
  6. All Four Seasons.
  7. Marc’s
  8. Sports- Even if they don’t win much, its still great to go out and watch slider do inappropriate things to people, or experience the Dawg Pound first hand, or marvel over how people are so bad at math that they need a differential on the score board to figure out how far behind we are. Not to mention the great Avon Crushers, and the total dedication to high school football that people have.
  9. The Towpath/Metroparks- The valley that provides fun all year long, from bike rides, to skiing.
  10. Friends- Most importantly, there are some great people around here that I enjoy spending time with when I’m in town.

If I haven’t convinced you about Cleveland, here are some tourism videos to help you understand:

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