Clode Live!

This week, in lieu of digitally posting media, I thought I would update you all as to some performances I have in the next couple weeks.

The first is the UO theatre department’s production of bobrauschenbergamerica. I am part of a musical aspect of one scene. I don’t want to give too much away, but it will involve John Philip Sousa and Plaid. It opens Friday and runs until March 12. More info is here.

The second, and maybe most important, is the Future Music Oregon concert on Saturday at 8 PM. I am playing a piece I wrote for trumpet and 8 speakers, as well in an ensemble  piece for five infrared sensors by Jeffrey Stolet. That is happening in room 163 at the UO School of Music.

Next weekend, I have two performances with the UO Latin Jazz Ensemble. One is on the 5th and the other is on the 7th. The 5th is in room 190 of the SOM and is part of the jazz cafe That starts at 7:30. The 7th is at the Living Learning center on campus and starts at 7:30.

Also on the 7th, as per every week, I will be hosting the Cleveland Show at 10 PM on KWVA 88.1 Eugene.

So, if you are in or around Eugene, come check me out. If not, don’t worry. Next week I will be putting up my special remix of the BPA’s Toe Jam.

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