Live! Busy week ahead.

This week, instead of uploading my work for you, I am going to let you know about all the stuff I have lined up for next week. I have a few big performances coming up and wanted to let you know so you can save the dates.

  • Of course, on Monday, April 25th I will be DJing on 88.1 FM. Don’t forget to tune in at 10PM.
  • Wednesday, April 27th is my birthday. Be sure to facebook me about it.
  • Sunday, April 30th I will be performing at the UO’s [m] festival with the UO Latin Jazz Ensemble. I don’t have the time yet, but there is a lot of cool stuff going on all day for this event.
  • Also on that Sunday, I will be premiering a new fixed-media piece called “Fishy” at the FMO concert in room 163 of the School of Music at 8PM.
  • on May third, I will be performing new music with the Pacific Rim Gamelan. I wrote one of the pieces “LAN” that should be performed on the concert. It will be at 8PM in Aasen-Hull hall (the Cube).

As you can imagine, preparing for this, as well as some trumpet playing on Easter, preceded me coming up with something to post. I do, however, plan to share something next week, granted I don’t overdo it on Wednesday!

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