Last week, I didn’t update my blog, but I did put a new track up on my Soundcloud and on my Facebook. It’s called Nothing’s Happening, and I am reworking it, as not enough happens in it.

This week I am updating my blog, but not putting up any new media. This is because I am having a few performances coming up and another big announcement. First, the performances:

  • Saturday, May 21 8 PM, The Pacific Rim Gamelan will be performing student works for gamelan, including my composition,”LAN.” It will be the best way to spend the rapture!
  • Granted the world has not ended, I will be DJing in the EMU Amphitheater next Thursday from noon to one.

The big news, of course, is that I am going to release an EP in about a month. It’s tentatively titled “Selected Clodewerks” and will feature a lot of my trumpet based work interspersed with some purely electronic sounds. I will keep you updated with its progress for the next month as I finish up the tracks and get all of the artwork and packaging ready.

See you out there!

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