As you know, I am graduating from the University of Oregon in a couple of weeks and will be moving on to the real world. Instead of reflecting on all of the hard work and time I’ve had to put in to get this done, I would like to talk about all that you have done. In short, thank you for all of your support for the past four years, I couldn’t have done it without you. It doesn’t matter if you are some random person in Brazil who just happens to read my blog, every single page view on my analytics has made me smile.

This, of course, means that I am now going to do some shout outs.

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Tia for being supportive and loving for these past four years. Thanks Brian, Jeff, and Sarah for being great mentors and teachers. Importantly, thanks be to God, and his various churches for providing me with some extra holiday cash. Thanks to everyone at KWVA and the FMO for being awesome.

Additionally, to celebrate all of the people out there who have helped me, I created a community page for my site to links to people’s websites that I have collaborated with in some way or another. I figured the very least I could do was throw some web traffic towards the cool people I have met and worked with. Its new and bound to have some issues/omissions, so please let me know!

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