As promised, here is my new project, Willamix! It is a podcast of electronic music from the Willamette Valley here in Oregon. I just released it on Monday, and I’m happy with all of the feedback I’ve gotten so far. I’m hoping it can continue to serve as a great way to collect all of the great sounds going on around in the area, and to fulfill my urge to DJ.

Here’s who it featured:

Parable Trait – Scepter Fretpen (@sceptre-fretpen)
A Calm – Aux .78 (aux78.com)
Introspect – Aged Machine (agedmachine.bandcamp.com)
Octoberfest – Waffle Taco (waffletacopdx.com)
Stapedius- Lithopedion (@shenyah)

I hope you enjoy!

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