St James

I’m really excited about sharing this track, and thought it would be perfect timing after playing my solo set that has a stripped down version of this in it.

I recorded this over the Winter, and I decided to really push myself. There was a lot of layering of my parts, and I learned that my timing is an area for improvement when it comes to tracking. Not as easy as fixing MIDI notes for sure.  I played a lot of tenorhorn for the backing tracks, which is an instrument that I am still pretty new to, but love how it sounds like a french horn, while working a lot like my trumpet.

The obligato part at the end was a big hurdle for me to jump over. When I was sketching this out, I completely improvised it as a placeholder, and liked it for the most part except for the end. I had set a deadline for myself on the track and didn’t think my transcribing and arranging skills allowed me enough time to write down all I had made up and write something voiced better. I ended up just recording a bunch of takes and splicing together the most harmonious versions. I felt that was more authentic to the original improvised idea, while still trying to have something more polished and fitting together.

I love this tune, it really fits in with my overall dark and rich sound pallet I’ve been developing.

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