Recording Session

Today I did the biggest recording session yet in my home studio, recording drums and bass for some Top Shelf Low Down tracks. It was a fun experience, and went well.

I got an 8 channel ADAT interface to handle the extra inputs needed to manage the extra inputs needed. It was my first experience setting up ADAT, and the biggest technical glitch in the whole session was a clocking issue. Once I got everything talking correctly, and the channels stopped sounding like they were going through a bit crusher, the session went buttery smooth.

We did four mics on the drums: kick, snare, and two overheads. Then we had a bass and a scratch vocal track. We didn’t do any horn, because we didn’t have an easy way to do isolation with the drums. I was kind of glad, since I was already manning the computer.

The room sounds good for drums, and the tracks came out sounding great. Next up, I’ll dub in some horn and ship them to Ben to do some vocal dubs. We should have some great new recordings coming out soon!

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