Obligatory end of the year post

2018 was a crazy busy year for me musically. Obviously I played a lot of Trumpet. 36 gigs is the most I think I have ever played in a year. Beyond that I got a lot of recording work done and got a lot more organized about promoting and marketing what I am working on ( including these posts right here!). The downside was didn’t get as much time outside of work to work on coding. I have been learning a lot on the job recently though, as the company keeps crushing it and leaving us with a healthy supply of work to get done.

I’m hoping 2019 will be just as crazy in all of the best ways. WTF is continuing, and we are working on growing that as well as finding other gigs. I already have another show with SMU and the Quintet in the works. I’m looking at growing my solo career with more performances and perhaps an album. I’m learning new technologies to use at work. I am ready for it, it should be another fun one!

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