After years of hard work and creative cardboard engineering, I finally won the award that I’ve been hunting every holiday season since moving to Portland:

Best Costume, Adult Euphonium/Baritone Player

That’s right this Saturday, a “giant mammal” (to quote Chuck Bolton) danced to the front of the stage at Tuba Christmas and took on some fierce competition from an elf with a snowman on her euphonium to win the glory (and a $50 gift card!).

I’d like to thank my wife and mother for coercing me into becoming rudolph and helping with the costume. I’d like to thank my family and friends who braved the cold bricks to listen and cheer me on!

I love Tuba Christmas on multiple levels: as a community event,  a brass community event, a celebration of music and music education, and a fun performance. This year was one of the best both because of having fun in my costume and hanging out with friends, and because it was dry and only moderately cold.

Looking forward to cooking up something good for next year!

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