Sound Foundry

I’m a big fan of the Creative Music Guild and the unique and forward thinking shows they put together around town. I’ve gone to quite a few of their Outset series that features local artists. In fact, it was at one of those shows that I reconnected with Bill and started playing with SMU.

After being an audience member for a number of times, I’m excited to be a performer on a CMG show! They have been doing something called Sound Foundry. The way it works is that a featured group will play, and then the group will split up and improvise in small groups with local musicians. For their next installment, I am going to be one of the local improvisors.

The featured artist is a duo named Ground Patrol from NYC. They have a math-rock like sound. I’m interested to see how playing with them goes, because my style isn’t as driving, but I could also see it being a nice counter point.

Details here:

Wednesday, March 6th  8PM – CMG Outset Series at Turn Turn Turn
Local Improvisor

Gig count: 7

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