NW Loopfest is onYouTube!

Check out the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgcYGCINDGbFHlQqpwFlryQ

As was the case in previous years of Loopfest, I promised to record video of all of the performances and post it online. It’s good promo for the festival and the artists.

Making it happen was more of a challenge. I didn’t have budget to hire someone to do the video recording, and didn’t get much traction on finding a volunteer. I ended up bringing a camera and recording it myself. I didn’t have a power supply, so I could only record so much of each act off of the battery. All in all, the footage I got is pretty good, but not as much as I was hoping for.

The editing part was a learning experience as well. I just switched from apple to windows recently. I know how to do enough in imovie to make the small changes I need like adding the logo and fading in and out. On windows, I really didn’t like their out of the box movie editor. I ended up downloading Hit Film Express on a recommendation, and learned enough to make my small edits.

So far I just have the first group’s video posted, more editing is in my future. I also will be fleshing out the youtube channel to have all of the loopfest branding. Although I wanted to have someone else manage this, I’m glad I got the opportunity to learn a new editing software and get better at recording video. I’ll be ready to catch everything next year and make it look good.

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