Pumpkin Paddling

Fall is my favorite time of year, and one of my favorite Fall traditions is the Tualatin Pumkin Regatta. For those not familiar, it is a super unique event. Pumpkin growers bring their largest crop, around 1,000 pound pumpkins. After a weigh off, the pumpkins are hollowed out and then used as boats. There are a number of pumpkin boat races throughout the day, and most of the paddlers dress up for the occasion. Like I said, very unique.

Every year, we go to watch the races, and enjoy some delicious pumpkin spice donuts. Every year, I also enter a lottery to be a pumpkin paddler. This year, I was selected! On October 19th, I will be cruising the pond dressed as a giant Squirrel. Come check it out!

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