Keeping on Keeping on

It’s crazy to think that it’s August already. Time is very nebulous right now. That said, some things seem to be solidifying. As things drag on, more places are realizing that we can’t keep continuing like this is going to wrap up in two weeks.

I kind of realized it a couple weeks ago when I decided to do my live streams more regularly (see ya tomorrow!). Since then, I’ve been thinking about how to make things work within the new context of safety.

For example, today Waffle Taco rehearsed in a park and some of our friends were able to come out. We were in the amphitheater at Tabor, which seats hundreds. It was a small group of 5 of us spread yards apart. It was amazing to share music with people again.

Moments like that really drive me to work for more opportunities to continue to perform. With my new outlook, I’ve working towards some cool opportunities. I look forward to sharing some cool performances this fall. Details coming soon!

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