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Even though this year’s loopfest is over, I am working on tying all of the loose ends up before taking a break for the holidays. One of the big things after every year is making sure the concert footage is released so that all of the artists have it to use. This year, that was made really easy since Youtube lets you automatically record streams so they are available later.

Even though the videos were out there, I needed to make sure the new website was appropriately pointing to them. While I was at it, I figured I should set it up to have all of the previous years in there as well. So I created this page: http://nwloopfest.org/fests

Most of it was easy because Noah still has a similar page with the ones 2017 and earlier that he ran. All I had to do was take that and combine it with the last two years. Now its as easy as ever to view all of the performances from previous years!

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