Tuba Christmas?

Tuba Christmas is kind of happening this year. I was fully expecting it to be cancelled completely, but Pioneer Courthouse Square has decided to roll it into their Polka Dot Downtown initiative. That means that Tuba Christmas is still on!

Pioneer Square has installed giant polka dots throughout downtown. The idea is that these are designated, socially distanced locations for local musicians to play on.

This Saturday, a good number of those dots will be filled in with small Tuba groups! I will be playing at Pioneer Courthouse Square itself from 1-2PM.

I’m glad that it is happening, but hope that not many people show up for it. The pandemic is raging, and it’s a delicate balance between safety and keeping these traditions alive. It’s supposed to be wet out there Saturday. I will try to livestream or record, but no guarantees.

Stay safe, and Merry Tuba Christmas!

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