Today I am going to talk about a serious disease that affects many musicians today. Its important to talk about this because the nature of musicians is to not have healthcare benefits, so you have to treat early. I am talking about GAS, Gear Acquisition Syndrom.

In a time where technology is constantly evolving, its easy to walk into Guitar Center and see an endless supply of new and cool things that would make your home studio or performance “sooo much more amazing.” Before you go kid in a candyshop mode and raid the place, please consider a few things. Here are a couple tips for a more responsible and sustainable gear buying experience.

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New Summer Tech

Now that I’ve finished my EP, (which you should check out if you haven’t already), I’ve gotten the chance to get hep to the new things out there on the webosphere.

First off is Google+, which I am now on, although it seems like not as much is happening there just yet. I am mostly interested in what kind of circles people are putting me in, and exactly how ridiculous I can get with my groupings of people with it still being functional as a social network. That and group video chat. I mostly feel like it will go way of twitter with most of the people I know being still on facebook.  I feel like if everyone complains when facebook gets updated (I wish I had a digital shotgun to take out the new chat bar thing), then the new sites are going to be slow to start.

The second thing is If you haven’t been there yet, I would describe it as Pandora, but your peers and yourself are making the playlist. I’ve been perusing the house rooms on the site to fill my DJing addiction since I’ve moved away from my beloved KWVA. So far, I’ve learned that the term house actually refers to anything electronic, especially dubstep. Also, Born Slippy, that classic from Underworld, clears the dance floor. Mostly, I’ve just had trouble finding all of my ten year old tracks on the site to lay down for the people. Regardless of my experience, I’m sure you will enjoy it if you are like me and love playing and listening to tracks with your friends. If you decide to join the party, hit me up, I would be the one named Clodewerks.

Tech-wise, other than those two new things, I’ve been trolling the craigslist for work and spending some quality time on steam to let off some steam at the end of the day.

Thursday will be my remix of Subaqueous’ track, “Puddle Step.” I’ll explain how I went about it and why I am naming it the webfoot remix. Next week’s Thursday will probably be some web work, something with PHP and MySQL, and next week’s Tuesday I might talk about all the stuff I am doing this week with meeting people and rehearsing with some new groups. Keep in touch and make sure to + up with me on google!

The Difference

A few years ago, I had an idea for a website that was like Wikipedia, but had articles focusing on the difference between things. Obviously, this never happened. At the time, I was only halfway through my CIT minor and couldn’t figure out how to run Wikimedia. I also didn’t have a website to host in on. Thus, the website idea got tossed into my ideas pile and slowly filtered its way down.
When I made my Decidinator app back at the beginning of the year, the idea resurfaced. I was going to call it Disambigulator, and it would disambiguate the world. However, I was also a full time student and Job hunting, so I never had the time to sit down and work it out.

The other day I was looking up the difference between an EP and an LP, as there has been much debate on the subject, and I found this. Yup, its an actual incarnation of the idea.

I’m glad that this actually exists, but I find it interesting in how it was actually implemented. The site was done in WordPress, which means that the content is solely published by the site owners. This is good in that they can check their facts, but it means that it will take longer for the site to generate content. The problem with how they did it, though, is that I can’t tell if they’ve checked their facts because they don’t site sources. This means that it has the same level of credibility as Wikipedia, but with no references to actual siteable sources. As a blog, though, I think it works well with having a new post everyday to bring readers back as well as the long back-log of posts that are great for referencing.

So kudos to you,, I like your idea. Even though its already been done, I might still try Disambigulator out just to build up the Wikimedia chops.

A Brief History of Browsers

Today we bring you a nice bedtime story about the browser wars and the history of how you access the web.

A long time ago (1994), in the very beginning of the internet, there was one browser that was king of the wild and untamed world wide web. It was called Netscape, its ruler was Marc Andreessen. People far and wide would buy (thats right, pay money) this program to hear all of the “high quality” MIDI files and view the animated GIFs that lived in the cyber world. It was a free and peaceful time. But not for long…

Windows and its emperor Bill Gates began plotting their invasion of the browser market in 1995. Because they were already selling everyone the operating system that ran Netscape, they had the money and the means to just give away a browser, and shut down Netscape for good. For years, the two companies fought for control of the web, but with the release of IE 4 in 1997, Windows sealed the fate of Netscape.

However, all was not lost. A small group that was a spin-off of Netscape was already at work developing a new browser that would change the game yet again. The Mozilla Foundation officially came into existence in 2003, although it had been working  incognitounder Netscape and AOL since 1998. In 2004, the first version of Firefox was released, introducing the world to tabbed browsing and many other features. Since then Firefox continues to battle Internet Explorer, seeking justice for its forefather of Netscape.

Just as things were settling in the Second Browser War, Google, as part of its general plan of world domination, released Chrome in 2008. The effects of this browser are not clear yet, but it has helped in knocking IE to lower usage, and provided room for browser experimentation and growth.

Finally, last week, Marc Andreessen returned to change the browser game once again. He backed RockMelt, a new Facebook oriented browser. In a modern times of social networking, there is now a browser that will keep you updated on all of your Facebook and twitter happenings wherever you are on the web, especially if you are on the Clodewerks Blog.

What happens next? That’s up to whatever crazy developers come up with next. Or what we as consumers choose to use. What’s your browser of choice? What do you want to see in a browser?

Steam For Mac

Steam For Mac... Yes!

Five years after I left PC gaming for a wonderful OS that is the Industry Standard, video games have come back to try rob me of my ambitions to do anything but play video games.

It all started this summer when a friend gave me a copy of Half-Life 2. Over the course of a week, I spent All of my free time trying to save the world with a crowbar and a fancy suit. Since then, I went back to not having my Parent’s computer around and have been DJing and making weird noises in my own little world.

And then… A month before my birthday, Steam announced that it would be launching for mac in time for the big day. Turning 21 and having computer games would be the end of all motivation to work. Fortunately, Steam was Steam and meant early May when they said April, so I have had more time to mentally prepare, although my birthday present of a copy of Orange Box has been itching to be used.

Right now I am downloading Portal and am probably going to spend part of my evening working towards some delicious cake. But with great power comes responsibility. I still need to study for this F&#@ing CIT midterm.

What this ultimately means is that I am now on Steam. I was on Steam, but was never physically logged on since the summer. My username should be pretty obvious if you’re looking for me in the gaming cloud.