Happy 2013!

Its a new year, and time for another obligatory post about my new years resolutions; because the more people who know your goals, the more people who can encourage/nag you to get on top of them. Let’s start with what happened in 2012.

Overall, I feel like I did well. I had seven resolutions and nailed four of them and partially did three. There’s a school of thought that says to hone in on one or two resolutions a year, so  half doing seven should count as a win. Here’s what they were and how I did:

  1. Watch the top 125 of the IMDB top 250 (later revised to top 100) –  93. I had watched the top 50 in 2011, and I had already seen some of the movies, but there were a lot left over. Around one every week and a half, which is a lot of movie watching for somebody with six other goals. I also didn’t blog about it enough, so expect some more movie related posts. Here is what I’ve watched so far.
  2. 12 performances throughout the year – This was deceptively hard, as Summer was hectic and devoid of me playing out. Waffle Taco has been playing more and doing great, and I joined some more “traditional” groups with regular gigs. I also DJed, which I enjoy doing a lot, although I think I’m better at trumpet.
  3. Make More Money- This had a specific number associated with it, and between a promotion at work, and my creative projects I nailed it.
  4. Get a Couch- This is a quantity over quality of resolutions kind of goal. We needed a couch. We just had a love seat, and although we love each other, as you will see later in this post, we needed more lounging room.
  5. Lose 30 Pounds- Didn’t happen. 10 pounds almost happened, but then Christmas cookie season hit.
  6. Go on a 50 mile bike ride-  I’ve been trying to get back into cycling, but 50 miles was a little more involved than I had time to train up to. I did a 25 mile ride, and started commuting to work.
  7. Get Engaged!– Nailed it! Tia and I are looking forward to getting married in 2013. Not that it was hard, but its important.

Exciting, right? Thanks to all of you who supported me in my goals, especially if you came out to hear some music! This year I am going down to five goals, but they are all important.

  1. Get Married!- Boom! The date is set and we are looking forward to this Fall!
  2. Learn a new programming language– Zing! My awesome employers are supporting me in taking a Java class.
  3. Ride to work 52 times-Ka-Pow! 1 of 52 done today.
  4. Lose 10 pounds-Woohoo! If I do number three, this should be a snap, regardless of what evil plans my mom bakes up around the holiday season.
  5. Make more money from music– Whoops! A potential tutoring client bailed on me this weekend, but I am excited for another year of musical endeavors and making some more use of my college degree.
Thats it. So if you see me around, make sure to harangue me about riding my bike,  making music, and wedding plans. What goals are you guys working on?

A Second Serving.

Although a little delayed, here is a taste of Waffle Taco. Our first gig was last Monday night out in NE Portland, and it went swimmingly. With that under our belts, we are getting ready for the next event, next Saturday the 8th at the Nuclear Family Variety Show at 4936 SE Boise here in PDX. It starts at 8:30.

In addition to all of the Waffle Taco stuff going on, I entered a remix competition on Friday for Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci.” Voting closed yesterday, but don’t you fret, I will be posting it up here soon. Thing is that now there is no competition deadline, I would like to spend some time tweaking before it sits up here on the website for a while.

Other than that, there’s been a lot of plotting here at Clodewerks, and a good number of booking type emails floating in an outward direction. I got this great album, “Funk All Y’all” by Detroit Grand Pubahs, and I really want to share some of its amazing tracks it in a DJ set sometime soon. Stay Tuned…

Dirty Fun, Exciting News!

As I was walking around the Oregon Country Fair on Sunday, I was trying to take in all of the sights, sounds, and smells that I could fit into one day. There were people on stilts, aliens, jugglers, drummers, topless people, banana hammocks, etc…

Instead of going on and on about balloon art balloons flying through the air or getting hugged by a variety of people and things, including a flamingo, I thought I’d be more musical in my interpretation. Here is a wildly inappropriate you-tube dance mix in honor of the wildly inappropriate boobage and banana-hammockry:

Warning! When I say wildly inappropriate, I mean not suitable for most audiences. Its as dirty as the Country Fair restrooms.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I have a very exciting announcement. “Selected Clodewerks,” my first release, will be coming out on Thursday. It is currently on presale on Bandcamp. If you buy it before Thursday, you get Mintberry Slush and Week 1 immediately and the rest of the EP on Thursday.

The Difference

A few years ago, I had an idea for a website that was like Wikipedia, but had articles focusing on the difference between things. Obviously, this never happened. At the time, I was only halfway through my CIT minor and couldn’t figure out how to run Wikimedia. I also didn’t have a website to host in on. Thus, the website idea got tossed into my ideas pile and slowly filtered its way down.
When I made my Decidinator app back at the beginning of the year, the idea resurfaced. I was going to call it Disambigulator, and it would disambiguate the world. However, I was also a full time student and Job hunting, so I never had the time to sit down and work it out.

The other day I was looking up the difference between an EP and an LP, as there has been much debate on the subject, and I found this. Yup, its an actual incarnation of the idea.

I’m glad that this actually exists, but I find it interesting in how it was actually implemented. The site was done in WordPress, which means that the content is solely published by the site owners. This is good in that they can check their facts, but it means that it will take longer for the site to generate content. The problem with how they did it, though, is that I can’t tell if they’ve checked their facts because they don’t site sources. This means that it has the same level of credibility as Wikipedia, but with no references to actual siteable sources. As a blog, though, I think it works well with having a new post everyday to bring readers back as well as the long back-log of posts that are great for referencing.

So kudos to you, differencebetween.net, I like your idea. Even though its already been done, I might still try Disambigulator out just to build up the Wikimedia chops.

A Brief History of Browsers

Today we bring you a nice bedtime story about the browser wars and the history of how you access the web.

A long time ago (1994), in the very beginning of the internet, there was one browser that was king of the wild and untamed world wide web. It was called Netscape, its ruler was Marc Andreessen. People far and wide would buy (thats right, pay money) this program to hear all of the “high quality” MIDI files and view the animated GIFs that lived in the cyber world. It was a free and peaceful time. But not for long…

Windows and its emperor Bill Gates began plotting their invasion of the browser market in 1995. Because they were already selling everyone the operating system that ran Netscape, they had the money and the means to just give away a browser, and shut down Netscape for good. For years, the two companies fought for control of the web, but with the release of IE 4 in 1997, Windows sealed the fate of Netscape.

However, all was not lost. A small group that was a spin-off of Netscape was already at work developing a new browser that would change the game yet again. The Mozilla Foundation officially came into existence in 2003, although it had been working  incognitounder Netscape and AOL since 1998. In 2004, the first version of Firefox was released, introducing the world to tabbed browsing and many other features. Since then Firefox continues to battle Internet Explorer, seeking justice for its forefather of Netscape.

Just as things were settling in the Second Browser War, Google, as part of its general plan of world domination, released Chrome in 2008. The effects of this browser are not clear yet, but it has helped in knocking IE to lower usage, and provided room for browser experimentation and growth.

Finally, last week, Marc Andreessen returned to change the browser game once again. He backed RockMelt, a new Facebook oriented browser. In a modern times of social networking, there is now a browser that will keep you updated on all of your Facebook and twitter happenings wherever you are on the web, especially if you are on the Clodewerks Blog.

What happens next? That’s up to whatever crazy developers come up with next. Or what we as consumers choose to use. What’s your browser of choice? What do you want to see in a browser?


Willkommen, bienvenue, hello, and welcome to the new official Clodewerks WordPress!

This will be the virtual web station for all things Clodewerks and will tie together the many random pieces of media that are floating around the cloud.

If you are new to Clodewerks, feel free to check out some of the links. If you are a Clodewerks veteran, stay tuned for more stuff including CD reviews, new media, and random thoughts. I am very excited to share another media outlet with all of you out on the interwebs.

Stay Classy,