The Night Before Tacos

It ’twas the night before tacos
and all through Kyle’s pad,
not a creature was sturring, not even a tad.
The kitchen was strewn with dirty silverware,
in hopes that tomorrow he wouldn’t be eating there
Kyle was nestled all snug in his bed
while visions of nachos danced in his head.


I am getting me some tacos tomorrow…


Cleveland Show- The Lost Episode

Here’s What I played:

  • Beta Collide- That’s a Traum!
  • Washed Out- Luck
  • Meat Beat Manifesto- We Done
  • Mr. Oizo- No Day Massacre
  • Art of Noise- Opus 4
  • Blockhead- The Music Scene
  • DJ Shadow- Six Days
  • Portishead- Strangers
  • Blockhead- The Prettiest Sea Slug
  • DJ Center- Strings
  • Washed Out- Last Night
  • Bonobo- Kong
  • Prefuse 73 feat. Sam Prekop- Last Night
  • Chemical Brothers- The Boxer
  • Lo Fidelity Allstars- Deep Ellum.. Hold On
  • Tarkan- Simarik
  • Underworld- Bruce Lee
  • Busy P- Rainbow Man
  • Hexstatic feat. Organic Audio- Salvador
  • Fatboy Slim- Praise You
  • Justice- D.A.N.C.E
  • Bassnectar- I Wish I Was a Hipster (West Coast Lo-Fi Remix)
  • Orbital- Easy Serv
  • Raymond Scott- Twilight in Turkey
  • Underworld- Luetin
  • DJ Mehdi- Lucky Girl
  • Daft Punk- One More Time (Short Radio Edit)
  • Chemical Brother- Do It Again
  • Prodigy- Shoot Down
  • Wiseguys- Ooh La La
  • MSTRKRFT- It Ain’t Love (feat. Lil’ Mo)
  • Deadmau5- Reduction
  • Fatboy Slim- Everybody Needs a 303
  • MSTRKRFT- Work on You
  • Basement Jaxx- Hot ‘N Cold
  • Bonobo- 1009
  • John Wilbraham- Carnival of Venice

*Bold indicates jams of the week.

This weeks show was fairly doomed, but ended up being very good, not to brag or anything. First things first, Lost was having its season finale halfway through my show. Apparently, It was to be the TV event of the decade, a pretty bold claim considering we’re only 5 months into it. I had to bid the followers adieu halfway through the show. Secondly, the beloved chatbox on the KWVA webstation was not working.

I powered on through it all though. Beta Collide put out a wicked new minute-long single about some article about the music industry. It won the jam of the week with its epic bass and cartoonish vocals. However, Twilight in Turkey by Raymond Scott kept coming up on shuffle on my iPod. It is a pretty epic song in its own right, and I think it would be sweet to perform it in a small ensemble setting for something music major related. That’s why I decided to have two jams this week.

Other than that it was just a regular Cleveland show, with some interesting layering and ending with a very random track. I felt especially proud of what I did with the DJ Shadow track as well as how I did with mixing into the Prodigy track. The Carnival Of Venice is embedded into my subconscious at this point from constant practicing.

That was how the Cleveland Show went down.  If you’re feeling down about the loss of Lost, tune in next Sunday at 6PM (PST) to KWVA ( and dance the bad emotions away. As always, Feel free to leave me a message with any requests as I prepare for next week.


Why I Haven't Been Posting of Late


The Carnival of Venice is a very lovely tune,

I play it to look flashy,

and to make the ladies swoon.

Sometimes I’ll mess up a rhythm,

or won’t quite multiple tongue.

It doesn’t matter to me though,

’cause this tune is too dang fun!

* I will be posting my own version to Youtube in a couple weeks. Bring the Pain!


Cleveland Show- Getting over Basketball

Here is what I played:

  • Bonobo & Andrey Triana- The Keeper
  • DJ Center- A Few Good Words (feat. Nijmole)
  • Mr. Scruff- Vibraphone Boogie
  • Whashed Out- Good Luck
  • DJ Center- The Rain
  • Boards of Canada- Eagle in Your Mind
  • Art of Noise- Metaforce
  • RJD2- A Spaceship for Now
  • Hexstatic- Perfect Bird
  • Röyksopp- Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix)
  • Bassnectar- Backpack Rehab
  • Hexstatic- Extra Life
  • Meat Beat Manifesto- Long Periods of Time
  • DJ Mehdi- Stick It
  • Feadz- Edwrecker
  • Mr. Oizo- Cut Dick
  • Vinyl Life- Hot Sauce
  • Daft Punk- Musique
  • BSOD- This is Also the Hook
  • Junior Jack- Luv 2 U
  • Lo Fidelity Allstars- Sleeping Faster
  • Deadmau5- Faxing Berlin
  • Chemical Brothers- H.I.A
  • MSTRKRFT- Vuvuvu
  • Voodoo Child- Unh Yeah
  • Simian Mobile Disco- Sleep Deprivation
  • Daniel Bedingfield- Gotta Get Thru This
  • Prodigy- Your Love
  • Vengaboys- Up & Down
  • Scooter- How Much is the Fish
  • Cosmic Gate- Fire Wire
  • Aphex Twin- Polynomial-C

* Bold indicates jam of the week. (Originally the Bonobo track but the DJ after me was hating on  90’s house, especially the hardsyles,  so I had give some props to the music I grew up listening to.

This week, the Cavs got beat by the Celtics in the NBA playoffs. To fit the mood of Cleveland, I went down-tempo for the first half hour of my show. Another reason was that I have definitely been enjoying the DJ Center  and Bonobo albums.

From there I moved up in tempo throughout the rest of the show. In the first hour I did my french electro thing with some of the Ed Rec. crew and Daft Punk. By the second hour I was doing straight up house and trance. That track BSOD is pretty funny.

Thanks for checking out the Cleveland Show. Feel free to leave me a message with any requests as I prepare for next week. As always, tune in next Sunday at 6PM (PST) to KWVA ( for another action packed episode!


Steam For Mac

Steam For Mac... Yes!

Five years after I left PC gaming for a wonderful OS that is the Industry Standard, video games have come back to try rob me of my ambitions to do anything but play video games.

It all started this summer when a friend gave me a copy of Half-Life 2. Over the course of a week, I spent All of my free time trying to save the world with a crowbar and a fancy suit. Since then, I went back to not having my Parent’s computer around and have been DJing and making weird noises in my own little world.

And then… A month before my birthday, Steam announced that it would be launching for mac in time for the big day. Turning 21 and having computer games would be the end of all motivation to work. Fortunately, Steam was Steam and meant early May when they said April, so I have had more time to mentally prepare, although my birthday present of a copy of Orange Box has been itching to be used.

Right now I am downloading Portal and am probably going to spend part of my evening working towards some delicious cake. But with great power comes responsibility. I still need to study for this F&#@ing CIT midterm.

What this ultimately means is that I am now on Steam. I was on Steam, but was never physically logged on since the summer. My username should be pretty obvious if you’re looking for me in the gaming cloud.


CD Review: Bonobo- Black Sands

When I sit down at KWVA to do a mix, I always imagine myself on Solid Steel Radio, hanging out with the DJs that continue to inspire me with the amazing mixes they put out every week. Listening to Ninja Tune’s radio show has been a definite driving force behind my passion for DJing as well as their assortment of amazing artists.

Last week on my show I got my mits on the new Bonobo album, Black Sands. Definitely true to the Ninja Tune vibe, this album has a very laid back groove with some very cool layers. Its very organic sounding, but  with a very big and present bass. Its the kind of thing to listen to while winding down for the day, or to take away the pain of getting ready for your midterm on AJAX and the DOM.

Recommended Tracks: All. Just do what I did and sit, chill out and let the rich grooves take your mind to a more relaxing place. I think “All in Forms” sounds familiar for some reason, probably through my stalking of Ninja Tune on Soundcloud.

RIYL: Anything on Ninja Tune is pretty amazing, including stuff like Blockhead, The Cinematic Orchestra, Amon Tobin, Hexstatic, and one of my all time favorites, Mr. Scruff. If for some horrible reason you wanted to avoid Ninja Tune, stuff like For Tet and Portishead come to mind, although  Andreya Triana is a lot more soulful than Beth Gibbons.


Cleveland Show- Mother's Day!

Here is the playlist from my show:

  • Blockhead- Pity Party
  • DJ Center Feat. Samia Farah- Tout Passe
  • Air- Alpha Beta Gaga
  • Mr. Flash – Eagle Eyez
  • Hexstatic- Telemetron
  • The Crystal Method- High Roller
  • Blockhead- Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer?
  • Chemical Brothers- Orange Wedge
  • Bassnectar Feat. Zumbi of Zion I- Teleport Massive
  • Krazy Baldhead- Strings of Death
  • Air- Sing Sang Sung
  • Groove Armada- My Friend
  • DJ Center- Everything In Time Intro
  • Lemon Jelly- ’79 aka The Shouty Track
  • MGMT- Time To Pretend
  • Moby- Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
  • Audio Bullies feat. Nancy Sinatra- Shot You Down
  • Boys Noize- Jeffer
  • The Crystal Method- Keep Hope Alive
  • Underworld- Dirty Epic
  • The Prodigy- Take Me to the Hospital
  • Vinyl Life- Electric Symphony
  • Vicarious Bliss- Limousine (Dub Version)
  • Justin Timberlake- Rock Your Body ( Oakenfold Remix)
  • Sugababes- Round Round (Soulwax Remix)
  • Boris Dlugosch- Bangkok
  • Deadmau5- This Horts
  • Deadmau5- Orca
  • MSTRKRFT- Heartbreaker F. John Legend
  • Basement Jaxx- Bingo Bango
  • Ween- Friends
  • Midwest Product- Dead Cat
  • Clode- Week 1

* Bold indicates the Jam of the Week.

This week was Mother’s Day, so it was pretty obvious why Moby and Air were in the mix. I also thought that my mom would like some of the DJ Center stuff and the Groove Armada track I played. It is also very apparent that I got Ed Rec Vol. II this week. My friend Katie wanted some JT and I was happy to oblige. I’ve been watching old episodes of Bones with my girlfriend so I played some old tracks by Crystal Method, because they do the theme song for the show. Deadmau5 is still in the mix because I got At Play II last week as well.

This week’s show went fairly well, although the phones were down at the station, and I’m sure most people were spending time with their mothers rather than dancing to the radio. I played some Clodewerks, including a snippet from my spot that should be floating around the KWVA airwaves. I know a lot of college students out in Ohio are getting done, so they can have the free time to tune in next weekend!



Today I went about compiling a bunch of people’s thoughts on the subjects of cubes. Here is what I got:

Gabe: Don’t forget about Companion Cube <3

James: The Hyper Cube: a four by four Rubik’s.

Sarah: SOM room 190 is the cube. Is there something special about the acoustics of a cube? You know, now that i think about it, ice cubes are not really in the shape of a cube. If you say “cube” enough times, it starts to sound really funny.

Neo Cube

David: Ice cube is also a rapper, and a bad actor. Bonus.

Brandon: The algorithm to solve a Rubik’s cube in an optimal way is called God’s Algorithm.

Ralene: Lots of right angles and inspired Picasso and cubism.

Tia: I’m too busy writing my paper in a cubicle to say anything about cubes.

Nathan: Cubes dispense varieties of mushrooms, flowers and leaves.

Zane: Zane actually dressed up as a Rubik’s cube… I don’t have the picture though…

Myself: Do all cubes come from Cuba, or did the style of three dimensional squares just originate from there? Watched the movie Cube, thinking it would help me solve a Rubik’s. I was wrong. Today, I took the stickers off of my Rubik’s to make a cubist collage. Cubetacular Cubular Cubages are Calling me to Complete College.


Feel free to make your own cubist proclamations!


Rubber Side Down

Given my cycling upbringing, I am constantly amazed at how much I forget the cardinal rule:

Rubber side down.

I remember in middle school the first time I rode a road bike with skinny tires I ended up waking up sitting on a fence bleeding with a dislocated thumb. More recently, I’ve crashed every year here in Eugene. Freshman year, I was not accustomed to the slippery pavement that accompanies the Pacific Nothwest’s eight month wet season. I tacoed a wheel that promptly got stolen. Sophomore year, I crashed twice. The first time, some guy cut me off going down a hill and rode off ( a theme that will seem familiar soon). The second time was on my own stupidity. My trumpet case slipped and I went over the handle bars (which had been bent from the previous incident). This led to my dad performing a heart transplant in the form of replacing the shifter for my front derailer.

In my latest over the handlebar adventure, I was going down a hill with an intersection at the bottom of it in a clearly marked bike lane. I was watching the traffic to see if anyone was turning. There were no turn signals, so I thought I was good. The white car looked a little suspicious as I was about to pass it. Then it began turning. I tried to stop, but my bike doesn’t the best of brakes, probably because of the aforementioned abuse. I bounced off the car, and then on to the pavement. As I was trying to pick myself, my bike, and the cans I was returning to the supermarket off of the street, the guy who hit me rolled down his window, uttered something to the effect of “my bad, dawg,” and then sped off on his merry way. I was too preoccupied with getting hit to think about checking out the guy’s license plate number.

Its interesting how I react to crashing on my bike. I moved my stuff off of the road, checked my bike, which was fine, and then talked to some nice ladies who had stopped to help me out. I didn’t even think about whether I was ok until some one asked. The damage report was surprisingly short: a very notable gash on my finger (not on the trumpet hand, thank God), and a little scrape on the knee. After consulting with the very nice ladies, my mom, whoever was in the band office at the School of Music, and the marching band director, I filed a hit and run with Eugene’s finest, and headed down to the health center.

The last time I had gone to the health center, they cut my face a couple times and shipped me out to a hospital that stabbed my arms with needles for a week straight. So I wasn’t expecting much help on my bleeding and partially numb finger. Thankfully, I got in to see the doctor within 10 minutes of walking in the door. They superglued the gash on my finger, and I was out the door (that is, after a lengthy lesson about why I should have been wearing a helmet). Word on the street is that tomorrow is when I’m going to wake up in extreme pain.

I guess there should be a lesson to be learned here. Wear a helmet. Say no to Kyle picking you up on his tandem, given his track record. Watch for cars. When driving, watch for bikes, and if you hit one, stop and make sure they’re ok.

This is probably cause for some long rant about sharing the road and biker’s rights, all of which I support wholeheartedly, But I’ll leave that to your comments.

Stay Safe,


P.S. If you see a white POS with a kyle sized dent in the passenger’s side, and a messed up mirror, being driven by a college aged student, let me know or feel free to exact revenge.


CD Review: Ed Rec Vol. 2

One of the things you will begin to notice in my DJing and reviewing is that I follow my own path towards finding music, and the stuff I get hyped up about is not necessarily new. I definitely feel that quality transcends chronology.

My latest musical obsession is Ed Banger. I was always a really big fan of Mr. Oizo, and then Justice came out a couple years ago and I saw them live. Last year I  listened to both the Lamb’s Anger and Cross albums pretty much constantly. Following the advice of one of my professors, I started doing a little research on my favorite artists, finding that the two  of my big ones of the year were conveniently signed to the same label. When I started DJing on KWVA, I rediscovered Lamb’s Anger as a great source for any of my house mixes. My wonderful girlfriend then got me  Volume III for Christmas.

A couple weeks ago, I was at the library here at UO, and I decided to do a quick search for Mr. Oizo, just for fun. Lo and behold, Volume II comes up on WorldCat. Now I am rocking out to the whole Ed Banger Crew thanks to the Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis, MN. Thank you Library!

As for the part you are probably more interested, here is what I found on the CD when I got home from the Library:

An amazing collection of everything I expect from Ed Banger! Driving, distorted House, some straight up vintage jams, and really tight vocal cut-ups. The only thing I really didn’t get was Uffie. I really don’t understand her appeal, other than that she’s the only girl in the joint. I also don’t think her lyrics are as cunning as the production that the rest of the Ed crew bring to the table.

Recommended Tracks ( if for some reason you haven’t heard this CD yet): All but no. 2, Uffie making fun of computer nerds on an album of electronic music.

RIYL: There are enough people on ED Rec. that they can keep you occupied for a while. They would include Mr. Oizo, Justice, DJ Mehdi, Mr. Flash, Krazy Baldhead, Feadz, Busy P, and Sebastian to name a few. Daft Punk is the typical group to think of with french house. Some of the cutting up reminds me a lot of Boys Noize, but he is not as witty.