Today I went about compiling a bunch of people’s thoughts on the subjects of cubes. Here is what I got:

Gabe: Don’t forget about Companion Cube <3

James: The Hyper Cube: a four by four Rubik’s.

Sarah: SOM room 190 is the cube. Is there something special about the acoustics of a cube? You know, now that i think about it, ice cubes are not really in the shape of a cube. If you say “cube” enough times, it starts to sound really funny.

Neo Cube

David: Ice cube is also a rapper, and a bad actor. Bonus.

Brandon: The algorithm to solve a Rubik’s cube in an optimal way is called God’s Algorithm.

Ralene: Lots of right angles and inspired Picasso and cubism.

Tia: I’m too busy writing my paper in a cubicle to say anything about cubes.

Nathan: Cubes dispense varieties of mushrooms, flowers and leaves.

Zane: Zane actually dressed up as a Rubik’s cube… I don’t have the picture though…

Myself: Do all cubes come from Cuba, or did the style of three dimensional squares just originate from there? Watched the movie Cube, thinking it would help me solve a Rubik’s. I was wrong. Today, I took the stickers off of my Rubik’s to make a cubist collage. Cubetacular Cubular Cubages are Calling me to Complete College.


Feel free to make your own cubist proclamations!


Rubber Side Down

Given my cycling upbringing, I am constantly amazed at how much I forget the cardinal rule:

Rubber side down.

I remember in middle school the first time I rode a road bike with skinny tires I ended up waking up sitting on a fence bleeding with a dislocated thumb. More recently, I’ve crashed every year here in Eugene. Freshman year, I was not accustomed to the slippery pavement that accompanies the Pacific Nothwest’s eight month wet season. I tacoed a wheel that promptly got stolen. Sophomore year, I crashed twice. The first time, some guy cut me off going down a hill and rode off ( a theme that will seem familiar soon). The second time was on my own stupidity. My trumpet case slipped and I went over the handle bars (which had been bent from the previous incident). This led to my dad performing a heart transplant in the form of replacing the shifter for my front derailer.

In my latest over the handlebar adventure, I was going down a hill with an intersection at the bottom of it in a clearly marked bike lane. I was watching the traffic to see if anyone was turning. There were no turn signals, so I thought I was good. The white car looked a little suspicious as I was about to pass it. Then it began turning. I tried to stop, but my bike doesn’t the best of brakes, probably because of the aforementioned abuse. I bounced off the car, and then on to the pavement. As I was trying to pick myself, my bike, and the cans I was returning to the supermarket off of the street, the guy who hit me rolled down his window, uttered something to the effect of “my bad, dawg,” and then sped off on his merry way. I was too preoccupied with getting hit to think about checking out the guy’s license plate number.

Its interesting how I react to crashing on my bike. I moved my stuff off of the road, checked my bike, which was fine, and then talked to some nice ladies who had stopped to help me out. I didn’t even think about whether I was ok until some one asked. The damage report was surprisingly short: a very notable gash on my finger (not on the trumpet hand, thank God), and a little scrape on the knee. After consulting with the very nice ladies, my mom, whoever was in the band office at the School of Music, and the marching band director, I filed a hit and run with Eugene’s finest, and headed down to the health center.

The last time I had gone to the health center, they cut my face a couple times and shipped me out to a hospital that stabbed my arms with needles for a week straight. So I wasn’t expecting much help on my bleeding and partially numb finger. Thankfully, I got in to see the doctor within 10 minutes of walking in the door. They superglued the gash on my finger, and I was out the door (that is, after a lengthy lesson about why I should have been wearing a helmet). Word on the street is that tomorrow is when I’m going to wake up in extreme pain.

I guess there should be a lesson to be learned here. Wear a helmet. Say no to Kyle picking you up on his tandem, given his track record. Watch for cars. When driving, watch for bikes, and if you hit one, stop and make sure they’re ok.

This is probably cause for some long rant about sharing the road and biker’s rights, all of which I support wholeheartedly, But I’ll leave that to your comments.

Stay Safe,


P.S. If you see a white POS with a kyle sized dent in the passenger’s side, and a messed up mirror, being driven by a college aged student, let me know or feel free to exact revenge.


CD Review: Ed Rec Vol. 2

One of the things you will begin to notice in my DJing and reviewing is that I follow my own path towards finding music, and the stuff I get hyped up about is not necessarily new. I definitely feel that quality transcends chronology.

My latest musical obsession is Ed Banger. I was always a really big fan of Mr. Oizo, and then Justice came out a couple years ago and I saw them live. Last year I  listened to both the Lamb’s Anger and Cross albums pretty much constantly. Following the advice of one of my professors, I started doing a little research on my favorite artists, finding that the two  of my big ones of the year were conveniently signed to the same label. When I started DJing on KWVA, I rediscovered Lamb’s Anger as a great source for any of my house mixes. My wonderful girlfriend then got me  Volume III for Christmas.

A couple weeks ago, I was at the library here at UO, and I decided to do a quick search for Mr. Oizo, just for fun. Lo and behold, Volume II comes up on WorldCat. Now I am rocking out to the whole Ed Banger Crew thanks to the Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis, MN. Thank you Library!

As for the part you are probably more interested, here is what I found on the CD when I got home from the Library:

An amazing collection of everything I expect from Ed Banger! Driving, distorted House, some straight up vintage jams, and really tight vocal cut-ups. The only thing I really didn’t get was Uffie. I really don’t understand her appeal, other than that she’s the only girl in the joint. I also don’t think her lyrics are as cunning as the production that the rest of the Ed crew bring to the table.

Recommended Tracks ( if for some reason you haven’t heard this CD yet): All but no. 2, Uffie making fun of computer nerds on an album of electronic music.

RIYL: There are enough people on ED Rec. that they can keep you occupied for a while. They would include Mr. Oizo, Justice, DJ Mehdi, Mr. Flash, Krazy Baldhead, Feadz, Busy P, and Sebastian to name a few. Daft Punk is the typical group to think of with french house. Some of the cutting up reminds me a lot of Boys Noize, but he is not as witty.



Willkommen, bienvenue, hello, and welcome to the new official Clodewerks WordPress!

This will be the virtual web station for all things Clodewerks and will tie together the many random pieces of media that are floating around the cloud.

If you are new to Clodewerks, feel free to check out some of the links. If you are a Clodewerks veteran, stay tuned for more stuff including CD reviews, new media, and random thoughts. I am very excited to share another media outlet with all of you out on the interwebs.

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