Website Redo got a facelift! It was time that it got updated, and though I think a site always needs tweaking, I’m much happier with this incarnation. Some things I like:

  • Focuses on the Music I got rid of my coding resume, that should be separate.
  • Focuses on Me – I loved the old landscape photo, but the photo of me playing is better for a website about me
  • Dark Mode – What all the cool kids are doing now right?

I hope you enjoy it as well. If you see something that bothers you, make sure to let me know!

PDX Couch Tour

Waffle Taco was given a last minute opportunity to play a live stream event hosted by PDX Couch Tour, which happened last night. It was a lot of fun, and PDX Couch Tour is a great organization making the most out of the current situation. It was great for us to play on a stage with an excellent sound person, even if the audience was hiding behind a camera lens. I hope we get the opportunity to do it again!

Live Stream #4

I missed a couple weeks, there’s a lot going on in the world. Excited to get the stream flowing again. Improvised loops!


Not being able to go out has left me with limited opportunities to perform. However, I now have ample time to work on new recordings. I got a new ribbon mic that sounds really nice, and I am really itching to get stuff I’ve recorded on it out in the world.

I have a collection of tracks put together that I will probably be releasing as an ep in the near future. I also was cleaning out some old hard-drives and found a whole album I wrapped up, but never really released. So that is probably getting remastered and thrown up on the web too!

Taps Across America

This Memorial Day, I participated in Taps Across America to honor those who gave their lives in service to this country. Trumpeters across the country played at 3 PM.

Taps is a short piece and just a few notes, but it has so much significance and weight that it makes it a challenging piece. It’s a sacred duty for trumpet players and I am glad I was able to do my part to celebrate Memorial Day.

Live Stream #3

I will be live streaming some music on Thursday! I haven’t decided exactly what I will be doing, but it should be fun. All of the options I am weighing right now involve new music that hasn’t been shared anywhere else yet. Tune in and enjoy!

Looping Live Stream

Tomorrow, Thursday May 7th, I am going to do another live stream on facebook featuring some looping.

I learned a lot doing my last one, so this should be even better.

It’s going down at 5pm, which is solidly happy hour. Grab a drink and enjoy!

Live Stream

I tried my hand at a live stream for the first time since the pandemic. It went really well. It was an hour long and hit on stuff from all of my releases, celebrating Fishwerks coming out on Friday. I was nervous coming into it, but there weren’t any major issues. Look out for another one to happen soon!