Reformation Fest

October is coming to a close. Even though Oktoberfest season is over, Encore Brass has one last polka performance in our season on Sunday. Zion Lutheran celebrates Reformation Sunday every year with an Oktoberfest. The food and fellowship is always very good.

Sunday, October 27th Noon – Zion Lutheran Portland

Honorary Performance

My wife’s grandmother passed away a few weeks ago after losing a long battle with cancer. I was honored to be asked to play something for her internment.

I don’t have much experience with funerals, and have never played at one before. I felt more nervous than any other performance I’ve had in recent history. The service was to honor her life, and any music that was played needed to live up to the wonderful person she was. All in all the service and my playing went well, and it was good to see all of that side of the family.

Pumpkin Paddling

Fall is my favorite time of year, and one of my favorite Fall traditions is the Tualatin Pumkin Regatta. For those not familiar, it is a super unique event. Pumpkin growers bring their largest crop, around 1,000 pound pumpkins. After a weigh off, the pumpkins are hollowed out and then used as boats. There are a number of pumpkin boat races throughout the day, and most of the paddlers dress up for the occasion. Like I said, very unique.

Every year, we go to watch the races, and enjoy some delicious pumpkin spice donuts. Every year, I also enter a lottery to be a pumpkin paddler. This year, I was selected! On October 19th, I will be cruising the pond dressed as a giant Squirrel. Come check it out!

NW Loopfest is onYouTube!

Check out the channel:

As was the case in previous years of Loopfest, I promised to record video of all of the performances and post it online. It’s good promo for the festival and the artists.

Making it happen was more of a challenge. I didn’t have budget to hire someone to do the video recording, and didn’t get much traction on finding a volunteer. I ended up bringing a camera and recording it myself. I didn’t have a power supply, so I could only record so much of each act off of the battery. All in all, the footage I got is pretty good, but not as much as I was hoping for.

The editing part was a learning experience as well. I just switched from apple to windows recently. I know how to do enough in imovie to make the small changes I need like adding the logo and fading in and out. On windows, I really didn’t like their out of the box movie editor. I ended up downloading Hit Film Express on a recommendation, and learned enough to make my small edits.

So far I just have the first group’s video posted, more editing is in my future. I also will be fleshing out the youtube channel to have all of the loopfest branding. Although I wanted to have someone else manage this, I’m glad I got the opportunity to learn a new editing software and get better at recording video. I’ll be ready to catch everything next year and make it look good.


It’ s the most wonderful time of the year! Fall means cooler temperatures, duck football, and Oktoberfests!

This year, Encore Brass is playing a new to us event in Battleground at Shorty’s Garden center. This will be our first Oktoberfest gig of the year, and we are part of a long lineup of great music.

More details here:

Saturday, September 21st 4:30PM – Shorty’s Garden Center

WTF September

We love hosting our monthly event, but we decided we would love it more if instead of playing separate sets from our guests, we got to play with them.

For September, we’re doing an open jam at Waffle Taco and Friends! The music from the show will be completely improvised. With the great friends we have, it’s going to be a wonderful evening of music.

Sunday, September 1st 6PM – Jade Lounge
Waffle Taco and Friends, Jamming out!


I’ve been working to bring back loopfest for a couple months, and though all the details are out there on Facebook, I have to share them here as well.


Annie Sea 
The Exosphere Project
Top Shelf Low Down
TwentyThree Suns

Sunday, August 25th 3:00PM – Bithouse Saloon
NW Loopfest

SMU back at No Fun

After taking the bulk of the summer off while working on some recording, Stochastic Mettle Union is back in action, playing with some other great acts. We just rehearsed for the first time in a while, and it was so much fun to be back improvising with those guys.

Thursday, August 22nd 9:30PM –No Fun
Sonnet & Jones Duo • Stochastic Mettle Union • Patrick McCulley

WTF August

Another month of Waffle Taco fun is heading your way. In August, we share the evening with Gnostic Evolution, an amazing beatboxer I shared a bill with at the Bithouse a few months ago.

Sunday, August 4th 6PM – Jade Lounge
WTF with Gnostic Evolution

Gig count: 18

Showdown at the Cactus

Waffle Taco is returning to the outdoor spot behind the Cactus for a third year of fun! This year, our show lines up with the Montavilla Street fair, so there will be a whole bunch of extra fun going on. See you out there!

Sunday, July 28th 2:30PM – Cactus Records
Waffle Taco, The Cedars, and Sandals

Gig count: 17