Open Mic

As part of my rigorous prep for my solo set, I took the stage at an open mic last week to play four tunes that I have worked up. It was the first time I played an open mic and the first time I performed my solo pieces without a laptop or backing tracks.

I had a great time. It was good to play stuff I didn’t have 100% polished out in the world. I met some new musicians that I wouldn’t normally run into otherwise.

Gig count: 6

WTF Mardi Gras!

Waffle Taco’s monthly showcase continues on, but moves to second Sundays starting in March. Since Mardi Gras is the first week of the month, we thought we would celebrate in true New Orleans fashion.

Montavilla Brass quintet will be playing some New Orleans favorites, and Top Shelf Low Down will be playing some new NOLA inspired music.


Sunday, March 10th  7PM – WTF at Jade Lounge
Montavilla Brass Quintent and Top Shelf Low Down

Gig count: 5


When I was in high school looking to go into college, there were two distinct paths in front of me. I loved playing trumpet and making music, but I also had a real knack for math and problem solving. A lot of adult figures said “Kyle would make a great engineer”, but I had a strong passion for music.

Obviously I went the music route, and have never looked back. I was fortunate to find my way into web development though the magic of general education requirements which led to my career at NAVEX Global.

After 7 years as a front end developer, I have accepted a position as a full stack software engineer at NAVEX. I am very excited to reach this next step in my career path. My parents got a real kick when I told them the news; “What was that second word you said!?” It will be a big change for me to do less JS and more C#, but I’m looking forward to learning more!

Week 1

I’ve been working hard on a new solo set now that I have a few pedals. I was fighting some major buffer time issues with my laptop, so the immediacy of the pedals has been freeing. It’s also been limiting because I only have three that I am using right now. As part of it, I’m making some videos of me playing to share with the world.

I thought I’d start with Week 1, which is a tune I’ve had for a while. I actually performed it at my college graduation, and it was the last video I posted years ago. Seemed fitting to dust off the year with a classic.

Logo Facelift

2019 is going to be a big year for Clodewerks. I am digging in and working hard on my solo set and at least one release all under the Clodewerks moniker. After 7(!) years of relative quiet from me as a solo artist, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit my brand as a whole. I thought that my logo especially needed an update.
My friend David Mellor designed the old logo for me in college. It had a silhouette of a grinning face with a fedora type hat and a pointy goatee style beard on top of a gold record. Needless to say a lot has changed since the creation of that logo.
When my full bearded, ballcapped self was thinking of a new logo and brand, there were a lot of decisions to make. I am generally a minimalist, so I liked the idea of something simple. The core of what I do is combining my trumpet with electronic sounds. The logo had to reflect that duality in some capacity.
I gravitated towards the cw single character immediately, but I had trouble getting it to look right. I played around with the idea on paper. I learned about the enso circle, and thought my regular cw doodling was a very similar practice. I leaned into that aesthetic, and came up with the creation you see before me today.

No Fun

Waffle Taco is mixing it up in terms of WTF for the Month of February. Instead of the Jade Lounge, we’re heading over to No Fun to be part of their first Sunday Jazz showcase. No Fun is a cool place, and is known for having good sandwiches, though I haven’t tried them yet.

First Sunday Jazz: Waffle Taco

When: Sunday, Feb 3, 2019 @ 9:00

Where:  No Fun, 1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland

Gig Count: 4

Super Jam

SMU kicks off its 2019 with a great show of free jazz with three acts that combine into a super group at the end of the show. That’s right, a super jam of sonic enjoyment awaits you at the end of this one. Fun times ahead!

Sunday, Jan 27, 2019 9pm– SMU + special guests Doug theriault and code talkers
Bit House Saloon 727 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Gig count: 3

A Twilight of Entertainment

Waffle Taco is pleased to be part of a wonderful night of music at the Twilight Cafe & Bar. I’m looking forward to it in particular because I’ve never played there or played with any of the other acts.

Brown Erbe/Hooville/Waffle Taco

When:Friday, Jan 18, 2019

Where: Twilight Cafe & Bar, 1420 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202, USA (map)

Gig Count: 2

WTF, year 2!

Welcome to 2019!

Waffle Taco’s monthly showcase at the Jade Lounge is rolling on for a second year, with our next show on Sunday! We’re going to be playing some Top Shelf Low Down stuff for your enjoyment. Hope to see you there!


Sunday, January 6th  7PM – WTF at Jade Lounge
Top Shelf Low Down


Gig count: 1

Obligatory end of the year post

2018 was a crazy busy year for me musically. Obviously I played a lot of Trumpet. 36 gigs is the most I think I have ever played in a year. Beyond that I got a lot of recording work done and got a lot more organized about promoting and marketing what I am working on ( including these posts right here!). The downside was didn’t get as much time outside of work to work on coding. I have been learning a lot on the job recently though, as the company keeps crushing it and leaving us with a healthy supply of work to get done.

I’m hoping 2019 will be just as crazy in all of the best ways. WTF is continuing, and we are working on growing that as well as finding other gigs. I already have another show with SMU and the Quintet in the works. I’m looking at growing my solo career with more performances and perhaps an album. I’m learning new technologies to use at work. I am ready for it, it should be another fun one!