Stochastic Times

I love playing with the Stochastic Mettle Union. After missing out on some of their gigs this fall with them (because of all of the other stuff I already had booked), I am excited to play with them a couple times this week and next. On Tuesday, we did a recording session with Xapchyk. It was a really fun session with 8 musicians playing all the same time. It was cool playing with 3 other horn players, and getting some more opportunities to trade ideas compared to Waffle Taco. Flugelhorn and bass clarinet are a sick combination.

We’re doing a taping next week, which will be a new experience.


Gig count 32




I had a busy day on Sunday. I played a church service in the morning, played and led Encore Brass with the church’s Oktoberfest after the service, and then played some experimental music with Ben for the WrekTango release party.

About halfway through all of this, I realized that I was coming down with a horrible cold, which I am still fighting. Despite feeling like crap, I had a great time all around.

WrekTango is officially out, and available, here’s the spotify version for your listening entertainment:

Gig Count: I think I counted a WTF twice at one point, so still 31 even though I did the church service.



WTF November

Coming off the album release, we’ll be playing as both Waffle Taco and Top $helf Low Down at the Jade in November. It should be a fun one!

Sunday, November 4 7PM – WTF at Jade Lounge
Waffle Taco and Top $helf Low Down

Gig Count: 31



I’m excited to announce the release of Waffle Taco’s next album, WrekTango, coming out Friday, October 19th. It’s the culmination of a few years of recording and represents the most avant garden and electronic sounds produced by us. It’s a digital only release, so you can check it out where-ever you find music online starting the 19th!

To celebrate, we are having a release party at Cactus on 7910 SE Stark St. on the 21st at 5PM. In addition to hanging out and listening to the album, Ben and I will be performing a small and unique set without trumpet or bass.


Gig Count: 30

Presidential Performance

This week I’m honored that Montavilla Brass will be playing the presidential inauguration for Lewis and Clark College’s new president, Wim Wiewel.

Our quintet has been  at its best this year, and I know we tackled some challenging and rewarding music preparing for their graduation in the Spring. Its really cool for the group to have this relationship with the College and to be a part of its special occasions.

It’s also really a full circle moment for me, as we are playing an arrangement of Holst’s second suite, which I played in band my senior year of high school. I remember it being a challenging piece back then. Now I am blazing through it in a quintet arrangement with multiple parts jammed into my one!


Gig Count: 29


More shows coming up:

I am doing another solo set in October! I’m hoping that despite all of the Oktoberfest stuff going on, I will have time to change it significantly from the last one to keep it fresh.

Sunday, October 7 7PM – WTF at Jade Lounge
With special guest Brent Swanson, host of Loop Madness

Thursday, October 18th 12:30 PM – Loop Madness at Lombard Pub
With Exosphere Project, JOOSS, Forma, Twenty Three Suns and Alex Reagan & Matthew Bambas

That brings the count up to 29 28 for the year!

Get Ready for Oktober!

I know the calendar says fall doesn’t start until the 22nd, but after labor day its Oktoberfest, football, and pumpkins for me. Speaking of which, here are some dates when I will be conducting some Oktoberfest

Sunday, October 21th 11:30 AM – Prince of Peace Oktoberfest
14208 NE 249th St, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Sunday, October 28th 12:30 PM – Zion Lutheran Oktoberfest
1015 SW 18th Ave Portland Oregon

Also, Another month is another WTF. That would be Sunday, October 7th 7PM at the Jade Lounge.


Gig count 27

German Stuff

This year, as always, I am involved with Encore Brass’ Oktoberfest season. A little different than normal, however, is that our conductor of many years is stepping down. With many roles to fill, it was decided that I should take over conducting duties for the Oktoberfest music.

It has been a steep learning curve, as I have never conducted a group before, in addition to suddenly being in charge of programming and making sure parts are covered. I am enjoying the challenge.

Gig Count Update:

I didn’t get a chance to post about a gig the Waffle Taco did at the Beer Bunker/Cactus, which share a great outdoor area in the back. I also played another church service. With another WTF on labor day weekend, I will hit 24!

St James

I’m really excited about sharing this track, and thought it would be perfect timing after playing my solo set that has a stripped down version of this in it.

I recorded this over the Winter, and I decided to really push myself. There was a lot of layering of my parts, and I learned that my timing is an area for improvement when it comes to tracking. Not as easy as fixing MIDI notes for sure.  I played a lot of tenorhorn for the backing tracks, which is an instrument that I am still pretty new to, but love how it sounds like a french horn, while working a lot like my trumpet.

The obligato part at the end was a big hurdle for me to jump over. When I was sketching this out, I completely improvised it as a placeholder, and liked it for the most part except for the end. I had set a deadline for myself on the track and didn’t think my transcribing and arranging skills allowed me enough time to write down all I had made up and write something voiced better. I ended up just recording a bunch of takes and splicing together the most harmonious versions. I felt that was more authentic to the original improvised idea, while still trying to have something more polished and fitting together.

I love this tune, it really fits in with my overall dark and rich sound pallet I’ve been developing.


For the last month, I have been toiling away at a new solo set. I am used to playing in groups all the time, but when its just me I definitely feel the pressure.

This time is a little different because I am transitioning from ableton for all of my effects to pedals. I’ve been finding that timing the looper on my computer is pretty hard, especially with effects also on the cpu.

I’ve only played out solo twice since coming to Portland, and next week I am about to double that. Here’s where it’s going down:

Loop Madness
Thursday, 8/2/18 8PM
Lombard Pub, 3416 N Lombard, Portland

Waffle Taco and Friends
Sunday, 8/5/18 7PM
Jade Lounge, 2342 SE Ankeny St.

Also, I’m playing with SMU at No Fun on Hawthorne on Sunday. I am just realizing I had a gig with them at No Fun in March and at the Tonic Lounge in May that aren’t on here. That means the total gig count is up to 21!