NW Loopfest

NW Loopfest is starting to really come together, here are the latest details!

Saturday October 24th 6PM on Youtube


  • Jake Soffer
  • Twenty Three Suns
  • Lambent
  • Clodewerks
  • Oleada
  • Gnostic Evolution

Sunday October 25th Noon on Youtube


  • Josep Garcés & LiveLoop
  • Pedeplei
  • Luthor Maggot
  • J.C. Ruminski
  • Sundog

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NW Loopfest is Happening

It’s been a long road, but the 2020 NW Loopfest is going to be happening this year.

Working hard to organize everything for April, only to have COVID hit, was a really big blow. But I decided that Loopfest is something positive and that it should happen somehow, even if just online.

The fest will be two days, October 24th and 25th. It will be a live stream, so you can check it out from wherever you would like. More details TBA!

Live Recording Session

After some fun porch gigs and another appearance on PDX Couch tours, I’m ready to get back to my regularly scheduled streams. Since I’m in my home studio and working on a bunch of recording projects, I thought it would be fun to do a recording session as a live stream. Come join in on the fun!

PDX Couch Tours

Waffle Taco is returning to the PDX Couch Tours stage for another hour of live streaming!
We are playing on Monday, September 1st at 7.

Last time was really fun. The best part for us is that we can see your comments, and if you login through zoom we can see your faces!

Milwaukie Porch Fest

Friday from 7-8, I’m playing on a porch in Milwaukie as part of porch fest! On the map, I’m under “Jazz, funk, and electronics duo”, but it will just be me looping. Address is 11912 SE 19th Ave.Lots of great socially distanced music going on the next 4 Fridays in Milwaukie!

More info here: https://milwaukieporchfest.com/

Keeping on Keeping on

It’s crazy to think that it’s August already. Time is very nebulous right now. That said, some things seem to be solidifying. As things drag on, more places are realizing that we can’t keep continuing like this is going to wrap up in two weeks.

I kind of realized it a couple weeks ago when I decided to do my live streams more regularly (see ya tomorrow!). Since then, I’ve been thinking about how to make things work within the new context of safety.

For example, today Waffle Taco rehearsed in a park and some of our friends were able to come out. We were in the amphitheater at Tabor, which seats hundreds. It was a small group of 5 of us spread yards apart. It was amazing to share music with people again.

Moments like that really drive me to work for more opportunities to continue to perform. With my new outlook, I’ve working towards some cool opportunities. I look forward to sharing some cool performances this fall. Details coming soon!

Clodewerks Takes Requests

I am putting together my next live stream, August 6th at 6PM. It’s going to be a collection of requests from friends and family. Getting requests is providing me with some new and unexpected stuff to work on, while providing the content the people want! Tune in and enjoy!

Clodewerks Cover Collection

I’m streaming again! This week, I’m presenting a collection of covers I’ve been working on this summer. I’ve switched over to youtube for a number of reasons, so I’m hoping it goes well.