Cleveland Show- Week 8

Here’s What I Played:

  • Flying Lotus- Pie Face
  • Venetian Snares- Öngyilkos Vasárnap
  • Cornelius- Surf Rider Blue
  • Hexstatic- Telemetron
  • Flying Lotus- Mmmhmm
  • Boards of Canada- Peacock Tail
  • Mr. Scruff- Midnight Feast
  • Bonobo & Andreya Triana- The Keeper
  • Blockhead- The Prettiest Sea Slug
  • LCD Soundsytem- Somebody’s Calling Me
  • Prefuse 73- Eve of Dextruction
  • Thievery Corporation- All That We Perceive
  • Dabrye- Piano

Hour Two:

  • Air- Electronic Performers
  • Royksopp- Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix)
  • Chemical Brothers- Horse Power
  • Boys Noize- Sweet Light
  • Junior Jack- Luv 2 U
  • Balkan Beat Box- Delancey
  • MSTRKRFT- Heartbreaker
  • Prodigy- Warrior’s Dance (South Central Remix)
  • Vengaboys- Ho Ho Vengaboys
  • Paul van Dyk- A Magical Moment
  • Solar Stone- Seven Cities
  • Louis Dufort- Zenith

* Bold indicates that I hid a very popular tune somewhere in the mix. Did you Catch it?

On the show I asked about opinions on the best Electronic/Dance albums of the year and of all time. I extend this to my blog, for you to comment on…

A Brief History of Browsers

Today we bring you a nice bedtime story about the browser wars and the history of how you access the web.

A long time ago (1994), in the very beginning of the internet, there was one browser that was king of the wild and untamed world wide web. It was called Netscape, its ruler was Marc Andreessen. People far and wide would buy (thats right, pay money) this program to hear all of the “high quality” MIDI files and view the animated GIFs that lived in the cyber world. It was a free and peaceful time. But not for long…

Windows and its emperor Bill Gates began plotting their invasion of the browser market in 1995. Because they were already selling everyone the operating system that ran Netscape, they had the money and the means to just give away a browser, and shut down Netscape for good. For years, the two companies fought for control of the web, but with the release of IE 4 in 1997, Windows sealed the fate of Netscape.

However, all was not lost. A small group that was a spin-off of Netscape was already at work developing a new browser that would change the game yet again. The Mozilla Foundation officially came into existence in 2003, although it had been working  incognitounder Netscape and AOL since 1998. In 2004, the first version of Firefox was released, introducing the world to tabbed browsing and many other features. Since then Firefox continues to battle Internet Explorer, seeking justice for its forefather of Netscape.

Just as things were settling in the Second Browser War, Google, as part of its general plan of world domination, released Chrome in 2008. The effects of this browser are not clear yet, but it has helped in knocking IE to lower usage, and provided room for browser experimentation and growth.

Finally, last week, Marc Andreessen returned to change the browser game once again. He backed RockMelt, a new Facebook oriented browser. In a modern times of social networking, there is now a browser that will keep you updated on all of your Facebook and twitter happenings wherever you are on the web, especially if you are on the Clodewerks Blog.

What happens next? That’s up to whatever crazy developers come up with next. Or what we as consumers choose to use. What’s your browser of choice? What do you want to see in a browser?

Cleveland Show- Brendan

Here’s what got played:

  • Groove Armada- My Friend
  • Meat Beat Manifesto- What does It All Mean?
  • Mr. Oizo- Monophonic Shit
  • Bonobo- Kiara
  • RJD2- Spaceship for Now
  • The Avalanches- Frontier Psychiatrist
  • Boards of Canada- Happy Cycling
  • DJ Center- In a Song
  • Noisia- Yellow Brick

Hour Two:

  • Chemical Brothers- Another World
  • Orbital- Chime
  • BSOD- This is the Hook
  • Kraftwerk- Computer Love
  • Borata- Bublin In the Cut
  • LCD Soundsystem- Pow Pow
  • Crystal Method- Funk Phenomena
  • Black & White Brothers- Put Your Hands Up
  • Chemical Brothers- Piku
  • Mr. Oizo- Gay Dentists
  • Prodigy- Warrior’s Dance (South Central Remix)

*Bold- Indicates a Brendan Pick

This week, fellow electroacoustic enthusiast, Brendan Rall came on the show to see what went down when DJ Clode was on the 1’s and 0’s and to also raise some awareness of the whole glitch scene that all of the kids are into these days.

That was about it, we talked a little bit, he played some glitch hop, and I, of course, played a little bit of everything. Someone called in and I played him some LCD Soundsystem.

Thanks For listening!

Elections: The People Party

Elections are the most annoying time of the year, it seems. Politics in general seem to be about mudslinging, name calling, lying, cheating, bribery, and so much more, but during the elections it all seems to come to a head. When I’m getting three phone calls, two mail fliers, and 15 emails a day about the elections, it makes me really angry about the way it all goes down.

This got me thinking about what specifically makes people pissed at Congress, and any other elected official, and what would make for a better system. The big problem seems to be that people don’t feel like elected officials are fulfilling their duty of representing their constituents. The officials are either only on their side of the aisle, or they are paid off by corporations, or they have been in Washington D.C. too long to care about where they are from.

With this in mind, I propose a new way of running a campaign based upon accurate representation, and my CIT studies. The basic idea is polling people about the current issues and  having the congressman using that info to vote on issues in a way that matches the ideas of the people. A political party for the people by the people, the People Party. All of the constituents could go on the website or maybe text in to voice their opinions on individual issues as they are presented to congress.

Obviously, there are some major concerns that would have to be addressed in order for this to be successful. I generally have the attitude that if you have an idea, there is a way to make it happen. The big issue of ensuring fairness and accuracy in the voting would be the main hurdle. To ensure the person is from the right place, the phone area codes and maybe even ip addresses could be limited to those within the constituency. Limiting the voting to one per ip or phone number would be another measure. Some states have already implemented voting over internet.

I think even if this idea had some design flaws, I feel it would still represent the people better than the status quo. Politics wouldn’t be a huge debate over what a person’s values are or whether or not they will do the right thing, it would be if a candidate can look at the online polls and follow the voice of the people.  Technology allows us the ability to gather massive amounts of information, and the voice of the people is  one of the most noble data-types to collect.

On this note, what do you think about the idea of the People Party? If someone ran on this platform, would they get your vote? Wouldn’t it be nice to have elections without all of the BS that it entails now?

Cleveland Show- Beatboxes

Here’s What I Played:

The Beatbox Half-hour:

Second Half-Hour:

  • Bassnectar-Wildstyle Method
  • Flying Lotus-Nose Art
  • Dabrye- Machines, Pt. 1
  • Mr. Flash- Eagle Eyez
  • Blockhead- It’s Raining Clouds
  • Crystal Method- High Roller
  • MIA- Paper Planes

Hour Two:

  • PPK- Reload
  • Chemical Brothers- Escape Velocity
  • Flying Lotus- Recoiled
  • Prodigy- Warrior’s Dance
  • Drunkenmunkey- Calabria
  • Bjorn Svin- Mand over Bord
  • Vengaboys- Up & Down
  • Paul Van Dyk- We Are Alive
  • Scratch-d vs. H-bomb- The Red Pill
  • Daniel Bedingfield- Gotta Get Thru This
  • Underworld- Born Slippy Nuxx
  • X-Cabs- Neuro
  • Zombie Nation- Kernkraft 400
  • Prodigy- Fire
  • Fatboy Slim- Punk To Funk
  • Aphex Twin- Polynomial- C

*Bold indicates one of the greatest techno songs of all time.

This week’s episode was a glass box of emotions. First off, its in that wonderful time of the term between midterms and finals where the professors realize that the quarters are too short, so they speed everything up. Secondly, the machines that play the required bits of audio at the top of the hour were having issues, and as the guy in charge of that department, I felt like I had to fix it while DJing. On the other side of things, I found a solid half-hour of beatboxing. I also feel like the second hour was full of great classic dance music, especially the jam of the week. Its always nice when I play an amazing song and it causes people to call in and give me credit for putting it on the air. I also got another call when I played the new Chemical Brothers album. Just to let you all know, they came out with a new album this year, and it is quite amazing, although I wouldn’t expect any different from them.

Thanks for tuning in, be sure to listen in next week!

BTW: here is that crazy beat boxing video I mentioned on air yesterday…

Beats and Boxes and Pads and Faders

Here’s a new track of some people in the trumpet studio laying down some dope beatboxes, and a nice little remix of all of it at the end in true DJ Clode fashion. It was basically a beatboxing assignment for most of the class and a mixing assignment for yours truly. I guess the idea behind it was working on rhythm, but in a way that was interesting to practice. For me, working on this was an interesting process because it posed some new challenges for me, as well as allowed me to experiment with some things.

The first thing was that I had no control over the recording process of everyone’s beatbox. They were all sent to me in different formats, ranging from AIFF and WAV to even an MP4 video of a wall or ceiling. They were all at different levels and each needed to be warped to fit my master tempo. This wasn’t too out of the ordinary of any recording project.

Then I individually sliced each person’s beat box to a drum rack in Ableton, which is so ridiculously easy in 8 that it is almost a crime. From there I took the individual samples that I liked of each person and compiled it into a new drum rack for my big mashup finale.

One of the big themes I’ve been contemplating this term is how to make the performance of electronic music interesting to watch. Of course, live video is an option, but I feel like the actual performance of the music has to be a performance in order to be interesting. One of the ways I’ve been thinking of accomplishing this is through controllers, and especially (at least this past week) using pads.

With this in mind, I drummed out some stuff on pads. But I don’t know how original that actually is, because the pad thing is done alot, especially in hip hop. So, I decided to experiment with adding faders along with the pads to control some parameters. The result was the “scratch” solo at the end. I am drumming the vocal sample with the pad, and then moving a fader to control pitch. I think this is a neat little trick that I haven’t heard much of, but maybe I just haven’t watched enough Youtubes. Or maybe an actual scratch DJ will find out that I was emulating and will smite me for my “sin” against the music.

Anyways, that is the general process I took working on this piece, I hope parts of it were interesting to listen to. As always, I’m more interested in hearing what you guys think. What would make a digital performance intriguing to you? Is emulated scratching a sin against Grandmaster Flash? Do you want to hear more beatboxing?

Mad props to the beatboxer’s forum’s esteemed scholars: Casey Caloch, Jon Ewing, Misaki Kato, Max Cameron, Randy Johnson, Ryan Lewis, Tony Tunzat, Trevor Jones, Tyler Boorman, and Sam Hunt.

Cleveland Show- A hint of Creepy

Here’s What I played:

  • Meat Beat Manifesto- She’s Unreal
  • DJ Shadow- Walkie Talkie
  • Bassnectar- Teleport Massive
  • Prefuse 73 feat. Sam Prekop- Last Night
  • Thievery Corporation- Lebanese Blonde
  • Lemon Jelly- 79 aka The Shouty Track
  • Cornelius- Mic Check
  • Underworld- 8 Ball
  • Bonobo- Stay the Same
  • Chemical Brothers- Horse Power
  • Krazy Baldhead- No Cow, No Pow
  • LCD Soundsytem- Pow Pow
  • Crystal Method- Keep Hope Alive
  • Justin Bieber- Baby

Hour Two:

  • Basement Jaxx- Lucky Star
  • Mr. Oizo- Minuteman’s Pulse
  • Fatboy Slim- Everybody needs a 303
  • Deadmau5- Dr. Funkenstein
  • Mr. Oizo- Flat Beat
  • MSTRKRFT- Vuvuvu
  • Flying Lotus- Satelllliiteee
  • Chemical Brothers- Electronic Battle Weapon 7
  • Bassnectar- Cozza Frenzy
  • Prodigy- Firestarter
  • Demons on Dope- Die Die Die
  • Da Boy Tommy- Candyman
  • Boards of Canada- The Color of fire
  • Aphex Twin- Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix)
  • Concord Dawn- Horror Show

*Bold indicates my more halloweenish selections. Bold italics indicates the scariest of them all!

Another week of the Cleveland show coming off of the Brown’s big V over New Orleans. This week, it doesn’t look like they are playing, so they can have that rare happy feeling for twice as long.

As for the show, I laid down some more creepy tracks. As someone that specializes in cheesy old school dance, bringing the creep out is a little challlenging. I will have to redeem myself on Dec. 1st, national be a creeper day. We should all hang around the Pioneer Cemetery in trench coats to celebrate that holiday.

Thanks for listening! Next week is going to be beat box themed, so if you have a favorite beat box track, let me know and I will try to dig it up before Monday!

State of the Mac Address

I caught yesterday’s address from chancellor Jobs and his dark lords of software development on their eminent plans to unleash Lions and dominate the personal computer market.

I probably shouldn’t phrase it that way as I sit here on my MacBook, watching the keynote from their podcast while in iTunes, and writing a whole blog post about how it makes me feel. But I can’t shake this feeling that things are going to change for the mac, and I don’t know if its for the better. First was the September not mentioning of the iPod Classic, and the seemingly ridiculously small nano touch screen. I was fearful of what would happen today.

The keynote started off well, Macs are selling more and more, and their goal of world domination is quickly being fulfilled. They are also ready to take over the engineering market with an upcoming inclusion of autoCAD, which is an interesting development considering some of the other announcements they made.

The big thing that came out was iLife 11. I don’t use iPhoto that much, so I won’t comment on the craziness of it tracking all of your online accounts, where you took the photos, and who’s in every photo. I was hoping that iMovie would revert back to the actually functional iMovie HD of ye olde 2007 times, but it continued in catering to people who would rather not learn how to use editing software. The keynote took a horrible turn when the demonstrator “fixed” some clipping audio by turning it down. IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT! Garageband has always been a good beginner DAW, and I have heard some good projects from it. However, Apple decided to make it into some sort of Guitar Hero Pro with midi tutorials and time stretching to fix your horribly uncoordinated band. Maybe its just the audio professionalism in me, but the iLife stuff oversimplifies things in such a way to compromise quality of how people edit things.

I am excited for Face Time for mac, i think it will be truly cool to call someone’s computer from an ipod… I just downloaded the beta, you should call me from your mac device!

Unfortunately, Face Time wasn’t enough to make me happy after they went on to unleash their newest big cat ever… Lion. Basically the idea is that they sell more iPhone than macs, so they are going to make the mac a different version of an iPhone. Multi touch gestures seem like they would improve work flow, hopefully they work the way they say they do. Auto Save isn’t necessarily a thing to want, especially with my workflow of saving multiple versions of a file so that I can see the changes or go back if I screw up. The handling of Apps is where the real change/evil begins.

Lets begin with a little history of computing:

Once upon a time, people wanted to calculate things faster than humanly possible and in mind-numbingly huge quantities. So they made programs on punch cards so that they could solve these problems. As time went on, programs got more complex, becoming word processors, games, and more. But then there was the internet. All of the programs slowly began to move to faraway servers and the computer used one browsing program to access all of the different processes they want to create. You could word process at googledocs, game on Farmville, or waste a lifetime on Youtube. Then came the Smartphone. With them, browsers were meaningless because you couldn’t type the URL or Google something easier. So they invented the “app” model of computing. You just use a touch screen and point your finger on what you want the computer to do. The screens were small, so you would only want the apps in full screen.

Now, apple asks the question why not use the “app” on a computer?

Because you have a mouse and a keyboard. You have enough screen real estate to run multiple programs. All of my stuff is already saved on the cloud and I already am used to do things this way. When they change an app online, you don’t have to download anything. I’d rather run one browser than run 10 apps. That’s why. Maybe its easier to learn how to compute this way, but I am tired of dealing with people that don’t know how to find files in finder (or windows explorer) because they only use apps, and never have to learn how a computer works.

Maybe as someone who uses the mac as part of my profession, I am less inclined to the notion of sacrificing my control of a software and the specifics to ease of use. Although being able to do all of the template things in the new iMovie will be great, I don’t care because the art is from breaking the molds and doing your own thing. I’d rather sit down and create midi in Reason than use some appleloops from garageband because then it will be me. I feel like the app model of computing requires people to do more while thinking less, whilst the cloud-browser model makes us think more about how we are computing.

I guess I’ll finish up with some comments on the new Macbook air. It seems like flavored water. I either want water or juice, none of this froofy in between nonsense. I either would want a portable iPad or a real Macbook, not an anorexic Macbook.

Do you care about what apple releases? What do you think about cloud computing versus app computing? Can you believe I wrote this many words? Please comment with your own rant about Macs!


Sorry for skipping out on everybody on Thursday and not doing my weekly post. It is definitely mid-term crunch season here at the UO, and I am living in survival mode until the term either ends or is the end of me. You can still catch me, however, on my show tonight at 10. I think I have a special guest in the form of a training DJ, and I have no idea what I’m going to play, so you can tune in and phone me in some requests! Here is the new spot for my show, so you can remember when and where to hear that clodewerks sound!

Cleveland Show- Telephonique

Here’s what I played:

  • Blockhead-Cherry Picker
  • Bonobo-Kiara
  • DJ Center- The Rain
  • A Tribe Called Quest- Jazz
  • Boards Of Canada- An Eagle in Your Mind
  • Art of Noise- Metaforce
  • Aesop Rock- Catacomb Kids
  • Glitch Mob- Animus Vox
  • Paul Oakenfold- It’s a Def Jam
  • Boards of Canada- Telephasic Workshop
  • Chemical Brothers- Buzz Tracks
  • The Avalanches- Stay Another Season
  • Busy P- To Protect and Entertain
  • Crystal Method- Broken Glass
  • Royksopp- Happy Up Here
  • Jean Jacques Pierry- E.V.A.

Hour Two:

  • Bassnectar- Backpack Rehab
  • Justin Timberlake- Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  • Audio Bully’s- I’m in Love
  • Blockhead- Expiration Date
  • Air- Sexy Boy
  • Daedelus- Remix of Nothing
  • Mr. Oizo- Cut Dick
  • De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig- Wopwopwop
  • Flying Lotus- Do the Astral Plane
  • LCD Soundsytem- One Touch
  • Underworld- Dirty Epic
  • Pink Baby Monster- Pink Baby Monster (Fourth Most Beautiful Sound Remix)
  • Boys Noize- Sweet Light
  • Balkan Beat Box- Delancey (Stefano Miele Balkan Carnival Remix)
  • Oskar Sala- Concerto Rubato

*Bold indicates Jam O’ the week. BOARDS!

This week was a real treat for me as a radio personality, because I got a lot of phone calls while on the air. A lot of requests for bands I had never heard of, but one for some more Boards of Canada, which is always my pleasure to fill. I learned a lot about some new groups and am excited to check them out. One guy called and thanked me for playing all the songs from his itunes!

That’s about it for the show, I was just giving the people what they want, which is generally slower than the old house groove I generally settle into. Be sure to tune in next week!