Just Do It.

The back to school adjustment always is a huge shock, at least to me, even if I’m “prepared.” With all the exciting stuff that I have to get done, there is always a lot that I have to stress over. I have a big senior project I have to propose, get approved, and then complete, I have to meet all of my requirements for graduation, and I have to start preparing for employment post graduation. Just listing it all right now is something that makes my head feel a little woozy.

Stressing all of the big picture things won’t get me anywhere. So, then I need to just start taking small steps towards the big goals, and all of these have one main solution. I just need to build tracks. Tracks can be compiled and presented as a senior project, they will help me get the grades I need, and they will serve as a portfolio to send to potential employers. Just Do It is a little bit clichĂ© phrase, but it definitely fits my battle plan, and I also go to the University of Nike…

So with this in mind, I present a short track I banged out on Monday. Right now I’m working on some stuff with live tracking of trumpet, and will hopefully present something cool to this end this term.

Whispers by clodewerks
BTW: Tomorrow I will be DJing at two in the EMU Amplitheatre.

Cleveland Show- Triumphant Return

Here’s What I Played:

Hour One:

  • Chemical Brothers- Snow
  • Flying Lotus Ft. Thundercat- Mmmmhmm
  • Lo Fidelity Allstars- Somebody Needs You
  • Boardsof Canada- Roygbiv
  • DJ Center- Strings
  • Wiseguys- The Executives
  • Aphex Twin- Orban Eq Trx4
  • Bassnectar- Teleport Massive
  • Roni Size- Feel the Heat
  • AK1200- Junior’s Theme
  • Natural Born Chillers- Rock the Funky Beats
  • Concord Dawn- Get Ready
  • Aphrodite- King of the Beats
  • Prodigy- Run With the Wolves
  • Hive- Ultrasonic Sound
  • Flying Lotus- Dance of the Pseudo Nymph

Hour Two:

  • Chemical Brothers- Do it Again
  • Sugababes- Round Round
  • Basement Jaxx- Crazy Girl
  • Crystal Method- Funk Phenomena
  • Justin Timberlake- Sexyback
  • Paul Johnson- Get Get Down
  • Deadmau5- This Horts
  • MSTRKRFT & N.O.R.E. – Bounce
  • Prodigy- Warrior’s Dance (Kicks Like A Mule Remix)
  • Fatboy Slim- Give the Po’ Man a Break
  • Boys Noize- My Head
  • Paul Van Dyk- A Magical Moment
  • Ultra Spin- Metro
  • Senor Coconut- Homecomputer

*Bold indicates the Jam of the Week. The Jam of the Week rocks the funky beat.

On this, the first official Cleveland Show of the year, I busted out the Drum and Bass and went full out on the airwaves of Eugene. I figured KWVA’s new tower could handle it. I started out easy, I am going to have to do something to effectively start after a country show.

I realized that I play a lot of really old dance (from the 90’s). I guess its a little strange that I totally dig the stuff that was coming out when I was ten, especially when the majority of people listening to it at that time were tripping out in warehouses at raves. But in Europe it was on the radio, and I fell in love with this kind of music just chilling in car rides to play dates. Its just interesting to have conversations about this kind of music, because invariably the only people that have heard songs like Get Get Down or anything by Aphrodite are older than me.

Anyways, that’s all the commentary for now. I will be DJing the EMU Amplitheatre on Friday at 3 at ye olde Street Faire. Be sure to tune in next week as well!


When creating new music, there are many different methods that people follow. They may write it on some paper, record it to a laptop, or they might just pick up an instrument and play. In this sense, it might be said that they are creating something completely original and new. No-one has read this sheet music before, this recording was just tracked, I am just playing something I hear in my head. But the truth of the matter is that none of it is completely new. Many people have written and played the note Bb before, and on a sonic level many recordings probably have a frequency of 440Hz playing at some volume at some point. So then are we ever “creating” new music, or are we just compiling (or composting) the same set of notes and sounds in new and different ways?

This idea has been something that I’ve known about for a while, but never really understood to be something that was important to my work until recently. As someone who deals with “creating” sound and music, it is important to realize that composing is really organizing pieces composed of individual sounds or notes. So in this sense, every creation is a collage of some sort.

Working in this vein allows me some freedom from the stress I put on myself when I’m working. Instead of feeling the need to have to struggle to make something to be great and worrying about what I want conflicting with what I’m getting, I simply create sounds and then arrange them tastefully into something that I enjoy listening to. That’s why I got into music, and even though I am more knowledgeable on the subject now, it doesn’t mean that my work-flow has to be any harder.

With this idea in mind, I scrounged through all of my DAW files and created a mix of parts of songs I got burnt out on. I loaded them all into Ableton and did a quick mix, in one triumphant take, and a collection of all the times I had quit in frustration came back as a mix that inspires me to keep working.

Cleveland Show Preview Show!

Here’s What I Played:


  • Portishead- It Could Be Sweet
  • Flying Lotus- Zodiac Shit
  • Washed Out- Good Luck
  • Bonobo- Kong
  • DJ Center- Yes!
  • RJD2- The Stranger
  • The Art of Noise- Metaforce
  • Lemon Jelly- 79 aka the Shouty Track
  • The Avalances- Frontier Psychiatrist

The Real Deal:

  • Mr. Oizo- Gay Dentists
  • Chemical Brothers- It Doesn’t Matter
  • Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas- Shingaling
  • MSTRKRFT- Vuvuvu

( This is where Tia showed up with Caffiene)

  • Fatboy Slim- Give the Po Man  Break
  • Boys Noize- Lava Lava
  • Prodigy- Charly (Alley Cat Mix)
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll
  • LCD Soundsystem- Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
  • Laurent Wolf- No Stress
  • Flying Lotus- Satelllliiiiiiteee
  • The Lawyer- I wanna mmm…
  • Scratch-d Vs. H-Bomb- The Red Pill
  • X-Cabs- Neuro
  • The Prodigy- Warrior’s Dance
  • Bassnectar- Cozza Frenzy
  • Paul Van Dyk- The Love From Above

Official Hour Two:

  • Underworld- Born Slippy Nuxx
  • Daniel Bedingfield- Gotta Get Thru This
  • Basement Jaxx- Hot N’ Cold
  • MSTRKRFT- Work On You
  • Crystal Method- Funk Phenomena
  • Alex Guadino- Watch Out
  • Senior Coconut- Around the World

* Bold usually indicates jams of the week, but there were soooo many good old songs that came up, I was left without one in specific. The old Prodigy stuff is primo, but Born Slippy is untouchable; Senior Coconut spins everything into latin gold.

Welcome back to another exciting year of The Cleveland Show! Today was a little big preview of what is to come. The show started a little slow, both tempo wise and my performance wise, but I perked up with some great dance classics and a large soda. I feel like it was an overall success as I got a couple compliments on my selections.

I didn’t want to talk much about today, as this was just a warm up exercise for some of the DJ sets to come. My regular show is going to be Monday nights at 10PM to Midnight (PST). Also, this Friday at 1 PM I will be rocking out the EMU Amplitheatre! Thanks for listening and checking out the blog. See y’all Friday!

Back in the 541!

As of right now I am back in Eugene, and ramping up the work for another exciting term at UO. To get things started with a bang, I am going to lay down some exciting announcements!

First, I mentioned a while ago about an up coming contest I had entered. Voting opened today, so please please please head on over and vote for my track. You may notice that despite a song naming contest, the title remains the same. I only got one submission to the Pre-Contest Contest, so by default Tia Cotter was the winner. I do, however, feel like there should still be some competion in my contest, so comment a good title to this blog post, and you can also get the fun prizes that Tia is enjoying right now.

Second, I now have the time slot for my radio show this term! The Cleveland Show will be on at 10PM-midnight (PST) on Mondays starting up in October! As some of you can already gather, the downside is that I will be on at 1-3 AM in Cleveland itself. The upside is that it is in the magical time of night where the DJ doesn’t have to censor his music, so don’t be surprised if there is a sudden increase of Wu Tang….

Thats whats going on here at Clodewerks. Hopefully, I’ll see you all around the Emerald City. Thanks for voting, tuning in, listening, and contesting!

Summer in Review

The Summer is that magical time of year when I think I’ll have more free time to do the stuff I want to accomplish, but end up filling most of it with the down time I deprive myself of throughout the year. That being said, I felt that I actually did better in the goal reaching department than most summers. At the end of the school year I made a list of things that I wanted to get done, lets see how I did.

1. Read three books: Reading Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr. Fox before witnessing their cinematic disembowelment aside, I did manage to accomplish this part of my overall goal to read more. I read the amazing The Rest Is Noise, the not as funny as Fluke book Lamb, the Gospel According to Biff, and I re-read The Restaurant At the End of the Universe, because I forgot half of the plot since I read it in middle school.

2-3. Write an hour of good music, and perform your music: I didn’t accomplish either of them this summer, but I made great head way by Practicing what I could perform, and writing some new stuff. I also worked a lot with the features of Ableton to work out some ways of improvised performances. I did put down some tracks, but did finalize much yet. Most notably I wrote the so-far un-named song that will be in a contest fairly soon. Don’t forget that you can still name it! I’m also working on a remix for another contest in October.

4. Get better at DJing: I got the Korg Nano Pad and Nano Kontrol and have devised some pretty exciting stuff with the samplers and 8 channels of Kontrol. This is one that I’m actually 100% that I accomplished.

5. Learn a new programming language: I was really ready to sit down and learn Flash AS3 and have it under my belt for the beginning of the year. But then I haven’t heard much positive about it and its future on the web. A lot more hype about HTML 5. I ended up just working on Max and doing more with that.

6. Come up with a senior project: I basically was setting myself up for failure on this one, as it won’t be approved until school starts back up. I do have a few ideas, but I don’t want to give anything away.

7. Create a website: This has been a goal for a long time. But since May, I think this has been as good as a website for summing up my works and other ramblings. However, there will always be a sleeker web solution out there, like my own domain and or some sweet HTML 5 crazyness.

8. Lose Ten Pounds: This is one that I can safely say that I failed. On the other hand, I haven’t gained weight, and in Northeast Ohio, that’s a big positive. There are more wings, better burgers, Great Lakes Beers, and so on and so forth. In fact, I laughed in the face of this goal with some pretty impressive culinary accomplishments. In one glorious night I survived atomic wings at Quaker Steak and drank baileys out of a shoe, both amazing gastronomical feats.

As summers go, I feel that this one went pretty well. Now its time to get ready for another exciting year of the University of Oregon.

On Deadly Ground II: On Deadly Sea

Steven Seagal returns as environmental agent Forrest Taft, who must stop corrupt Aegis CEO Tommy Hughward (Hugh Grant), the kind of person who doesn’t care whether or not oil spills into the ocean or onto the land, just as long as it’s making money for him. He even makes commercials that make him look like he cares about the environment. Jennings is almost finished with building his new state-of-the art oil rig: AEGIS HORIZON. When Hughward finds out that Taft’s best friend Richard Palmer has a computer disk that contains information about defective equipment on AEGIS HORIZON, he sends out his goons to murder Palmer. When Taft tries to interfere, Hughward tries to kill Taft, but an Voodoo woman named Marie, who introduces Taft to her father Galeb, the local witch doctor, rescues Taft. With Marie’s help, Taft begins a trek through the Bayou, heading straight for AEGIS HORIZON to destroy it before it destroys the Gulf Coast.