Showdown at the Cactus

Waffle Taco is returning to the outdoor spot behind the Cactus for a third year of fun! This year, our show lines up with the Montavilla Street fair, so there will be a whole bunch of extra fun going on. See you out there!

Sunday, July 28th 2:30PM – Cactus Records
Waffle Taco, The Cedars, and Sandals

Gig count: 17

Make It Happen

In order to push myself to keep working on new material for my live performances, I am posting these videos of songs as I work them up. I’m shooting for a new song every month.

I missed out on that cadence recently for the best of reasons. My wonderful wife bought me an RC-505 looper for my birthday as an upgrade from my RC-1. I am stoked to have the huge upgrade, and took my time figuring out all of the additional functionality, and programming it for the tracks I’ve already been performing. This is my first video with the new loopstation.

Make It Happen is a tune I’ve had for a while, but wasn’t too happy with my performance with my old set up. Having more loopers and the ability to add a beat make it so much nicer. I’m excited to see how far I grow and push the limits of my new toy.

Conductor Kyle

I’ve been playing music for a long time, but conducted for the first time last year. Being the leader of a group was an educational experience, and I only felt like I was getting the hang of it right at the end of the gig I conducted.

This year, the Encore Brass board asked me to come back to conduct at the group’s annual gig at the Milwaukie Farmers Market. I am humbled that they want me to come back and conduct.

We’ll be playing some Americana and Pops music. The weather is looking like its going to be great, and the food at that market is always delicious. Come down to shop, listen, eat, and enjoy!

Sunday, June 30th 10AM – Milwaukie Farmers Market
Encore Brass with conductor Kyle Linneman

Gig count: 16

WTF July

It was a little sad to not have WTF in June, but it worked out that I went on a trip instead. Part of the cancellation was that there were some changes at the Jade. As a result, we are doing our shows at 6 instead of 7.

We’re back in action with West Side Soul, a great jazz duo comprised of Scott Eave and Jerry Soya. I met Scott at show that both SMU and his other duo, Code Talkers, were playing.

Sunday, July 7th 6PM – Jade Lounge
WTF with West Side Soul

Gig count: 15

Make Music Day PDX

Montavilla Brass Quintet is going to be a part of Make Music Day PDX, an annual celebration of local music. The whole day, various groups will be performing around town. It will definitely be sunny, and hopefully not too hot. Elizabeth Caruthers park is in the South Waterfront, a block south from the bottom of the Arial Tram. Come enjoys the sounds and sunshine!

Sunday, June 30th 3PM – Elizabeth Caruthers Park
Montavilla Brass Quintet at Make Music Day PDX

Gig count: 14

WT at the Market

Waffle Taco has been invited back to the Portland Saturday Market stage for a second year! Last year we were very honored to get a slot, and being asked back feels even better.

Sunday, June 23rd  2PM – Portland Saturday Market

Gig count: 13

NW Loopfest

This week I’m excited to announce that NW Loopfest is back! I am organizing the 2019 NW Loopfest with the help of some amazing people I’ve met from previous festivals.

Right now, we’re looking for a crack team of performers to make another amazing year. If you are a looping artist, here is the application form.

More details to follow as the fest comes together!

Loop Madness

Loop madness is a great series that happens quarterly up at the Lombard Pub. In the past it’s been a showcase of some of the same artists each time, but they’ve been expanding and rotating the lineups recently. I’ve enjoyed listening to the acts at this show, and playing alongside them. I’m excited to come back to play and be a part of it!

Thursday, May 16th  8PM – Loop Madness at Lombard Pub
Exosphere Project, Yannica Set, Twenty Three Suns, Antemano and Clodewerks

Gig count: 12

Lewis and Clark Graduation

Once again, the Montavilla Brass Quintet has the honor of providing music for the Lewis and Clark College Graduation. For the last few years that we’ve been doing it, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of taking some difficult pieces and getting them super polished for the big day.

Even though I typically play second, for this gig I have a lot of first parts that have some exposed parts and lip killing demands for range and endurance. It definitely whips me into shape on the horn!

Graduation is May 11th, but is not open to the public.

Gig count: 11

WTF May: Eaton Tacos

May’s edition of WTF will be cool because our featured guest is my good friend Bill Hardy, who performs as Eaton Flowers. I’ve been playing in his other project, SMU quite a bit recently and really enjoy making music with him.

We aren’t the most Cinco de Mayo themed group in the world, but when our show lands on May 5th, we can at least go for a play on words. Waffle Taco will play a set, Eaton Flowers will play a set, and then the two will combine to become Eaton Tacos.

Sunday, May 5th  6PM – WTF at Jade Lounge
Eaton Flowers, Waffle Taco, Eaton Tacos

Gig count: 10