Sex, Lies, Videogames

Ablaze was right. Saturday night, experimentations with how many copies of BT’s Stutter Edit could be going at the same time caused some minor explosions in the Remix Lab. But the good scientists at Clodewerks restarted from square one of the launchpad, and banged out this mix. Some sensual love songs, some computerized bleeps, and overall a great time.

Here is a note from the Resident Remixology Expert, DJ Clode:

“Although many mixes today are pre-programmed, especially with Ableton, we here at Clodewerks strove to do something more interesting. Although the whole mix was done in the Lab, a live setup was constructed and the mix was created on the fly. The subject underwent several rehearsals of the mix before we started recording the output.”


Live Update

With all of the live events going on of late, it became apparent that there needed to be an easier way for all of you to check up on when the next gig was coming. This week the Clodewerks web team rolled out the “Live” page, which shows you all of the upcoming events. Although the page is new, its already got some cool stuff built into it.

If you were wondering when a past gig went down or what it was, there is a button to show all of that as well. If you want to know how to get to the show, you can just click the location and it will pull it up on the google maps for you. The show this Saturday even has a link to the Facebook event page. We see your web 2.0 and raise you a web 3.0.

Ok, its no Siri. But it should make getting out to see a Clodewerks performance a little easier to plan for.

On the subject of new webwerks, the first monthly newsletter was sent out this week, containing loads of fun information about whats been going on and, more interestingly, what will be going on for Clodewerks. If you feel like you missed out, you should sign up now and get the newsletter for next month!

A lot of work and planning is going into next weeks big announcement, so it should be a good one.



This Week, I finished up a short piece for Launchpad. I think its an extremely effective tool for interfacing with Ableton, but I love the fact that it also receives  data from the computer. That’s what makes it unique, so that is what I wanted to highlight. Look for more stuff like this as I am finishing up tech-ing and  rehearsing my live show right now and will start booking shows soon!

On a related note, I just got onto ReverbNation, which seems to be a great place for musicians online. Check it out, right here, for cool stuff like my new email list and the Clodewerks T-shirt. It will also have my performance listings as I come up with the dates!

Dirty Fun, Exciting News!

As I was walking around the Oregon Country Fair on Sunday, I was trying to take in all of the sights, sounds, and smells that I could fit into one day. There were people on stilts, aliens, jugglers, drummers, topless people, banana hammocks, etc…

Instead of going on and on about balloon art balloons flying through the air or getting hugged by a variety of people and things, including a flamingo, I thought I’d be more musical in my interpretation. Here is a wildly inappropriate you-tube dance mix in honor of the wildly inappropriate boobage and banana-hammockry:

Warning! When I say wildly inappropriate, I mean not suitable for most audiences. Its as dirty as the Country Fair restrooms.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I have a very exciting announcement. “Selected Clodewerks,” my first release, will be coming out on Thursday. It is currently on presale on Bandcamp. If you buy it before Thursday, you get Mintberry Slush and Week 1 immediately and the rest of the EP on Thursday.


It is here, and it will answer your toughest of questions. It knows what movie you should watch, what grad school you should go to, and even if you should pop the question or not.

Decidinator’s decision engine was carefully crafted by the Clodewerks team using the exciting web technologies of Javascript and HTML. Its two key ingredients are complete certainty and  objective nature. In a sea of indecisiveness, Decidinator dares to lead the pack with its blind determination and complete confidence. Whilst you and your friends are caught up in trying to please everyone without ultimately pleasing anyone, Decidinator does its job without worrying about picking sides. Simply follow its three step process and your insecurities shall be rectified.

If you are ready to reach a decision, click here and Decidinate!

*Disclaimer: Clodewerks is not responsible for how you react to the decisions of Decidinator. You are responsible for what you put into the program and therefore responsible for resulting decisions.

Beats and Boxes and Pads and Faders

Here’s a new track of some people in the trumpet studio laying down some dope beatboxes, and a nice little remix of all of it at the end in true DJ Clode fashion. It was basically a beatboxing assignment for most of the class and a mixing assignment for yours truly. I guess the idea behind it was working on rhythm, but in a way that was interesting to practice. For me, working on this was an interesting process because it posed some new challenges for me, as well as allowed me to experiment with some things.

The first thing was that I had no control over the recording process of everyone’s beatbox. They were all sent to me in different formats, ranging from AIFF and WAV to even an MP4 video of a wall or ceiling. They were all at different levels and each needed to be warped to fit my master tempo. This wasn’t too out of the ordinary of any recording project.

Then I individually sliced each person’s beat box to a drum rack in Ableton, which is so ridiculously easy in 8 that it is almost a crime. From there I took the individual samples that I liked of each person and compiled it into a new drum rack for my big mashup finale.

One of the big themes I’ve been contemplating this term is how to make the performance of electronic music interesting to watch. Of course, live video is an option, but I feel like the actual performance of the music has to be a performance in order to be interesting. One of the ways I’ve been thinking of accomplishing this is through controllers, and especially (at least this past week) using pads.

With this in mind, I drummed out some stuff on pads. But I don’t know how original that actually is, because the pad thing is done alot, especially in hip hop. So, I decided to experiment with adding faders along with the pads to control some parameters. The result was the “scratch” solo at the end. I am drumming the vocal sample with the pad, and then moving a fader to control pitch. I think this is a neat little trick that I haven’t heard much of, but maybe I just haven’t watched enough Youtubes. Or maybe an actual scratch DJ will find out that I was emulating and will smite me for my “sin” against the music.

Anyways, that is the general process I took working on this piece, I hope parts of it were interesting to listen to. As always, I’m more interested in hearing what you guys think. What would make a digital performance intriguing to you? Is emulated scratching a sin against Grandmaster Flash? Do you want to hear more beatboxing?

Mad props to the beatboxer’s forum’s esteemed scholars: Casey Caloch, Jon Ewing, Misaki Kato, Max Cameron, Randy Johnson, Ryan Lewis, Tony Tunzat, Trevor Jones, Tyler Boorman, and Sam Hunt.


Sorry for skipping out on everybody on Thursday and not doing my weekly post. It is definitely mid-term crunch season here at the UO, and I am living in survival mode until the term either ends or is the end of me. You can still catch me, however, on my show tonight at 10. I think I have a special guest in the form of a training DJ, and I have no idea what I’m going to play, so you can tune in and phone me in some requests! Here is the new spot for my show, so you can remember when and where to hear that clodewerks sound!

Just Do It.

The back to school adjustment always is a huge shock, at least to me, even if I’m “prepared.” With all the exciting stuff that I have to get done, there is always a lot that I have to stress over. I have a big senior project I have to propose, get approved, and then complete, I have to meet all of my requirements for graduation, and I have to start preparing for employment post graduation. Just listing it all right now is something that makes my head feel a little woozy.

Stressing all of the big picture things won’t get me anywhere. So, then I need to just start taking small steps towards the big goals, and all of these have one main solution. I just need to build tracks. Tracks can be compiled and presented as a senior project, they will help me get the grades I need, and they will serve as a portfolio to send to potential employers. Just Do It is a little bit cliché phrase, but it definitely fits my battle plan, and I also go to the University of Nike…

So with this in mind, I present a short track I banged out on Monday. Right now I’m working on some stuff with live tracking of trumpet, and will hopefully present something cool to this end this term.

Whispers by clodewerks
BTW: Tomorrow I will be DJing at two in the EMU Amplitheatre.

Back in the 541!

As of right now I am back in Eugene, and ramping up the work for another exciting term at UO. To get things started with a bang, I am going to lay down some exciting announcements!

First, I mentioned a while ago about an up coming contest I had entered. Voting opened today, so please please please head on over and vote for my track. You may notice that despite a song naming contest, the title remains the same. I only got one submission to the Pre-Contest Contest, so by default Tia Cotter was the winner. I do, however, feel like there should still be some competion in my contest, so comment a good title to this blog post, and you can also get the fun prizes that Tia is enjoying right now.

Second, I now have the time slot for my radio show this term! The Cleveland Show will be on at 10PM-midnight (PST) on Mondays starting up in October! As some of you can already gather, the downside is that I will be on at 1-3 AM in Cleveland itself. The upside is that it is in the magical time of night where the DJ doesn’t have to censor his music, so don’t be surprised if there is a sudden increase of Wu Tang….

Thats whats going on here at Clodewerks. Hopefully, I’ll see you all around the Emerald City. Thanks for voting, tuning in, listening, and contesting!