Sorry for skipping out on everybody on Thursday and not doing my weekly post. It is definitely mid-term crunch season here at the UO, and I am living in survival mode until the term either ends or is the end of me. You can still catch me, however, on my show tonight at 10. I think I have a special guest in the form of a training DJ, and I have no idea what I’m going to play, so you can tune in and phone me in some requests! Here is the new spot for my show, so you can remember when and where to hear that clodewerks sound!

Back in the 541!

As of right now I am back in Eugene, and ramping up the work for another exciting term at UO. To get things started with a bang, I am going to lay down some exciting announcements!

First, I mentioned a while ago about an up coming contest I had entered. Voting opened today, so please please please head on over and vote for my track. You may notice that despite a song naming contest, the title remains the same. I only got one submission to the Pre-Contest Contest, so by default Tia Cotter was the winner. I do, however, feel like there should still be some competion in my contest, so comment a good title to this blog post, and you can also get the fun prizes that Tia is enjoying right now.

Second, I now have the time slot for my radio show this term! The Cleveland Show will be on at 10PM-midnight (PST) on Mondays starting up in October! As some of you can already gather, the downside is that I will be on at 1-3 AM in Cleveland itself. The upside is that it is in the magical time of night where the DJ doesn’t have to censor his music, so don’t be surprised if there is a sudden increase of Wu Tang….

Thats whats going on here at Clodewerks. Hopefully, I’ll see you all around the Emerald City. Thanks for voting, tuning in, listening, and contesting!

Summer in Review

The Summer is that magical time of year when I think I’ll have more free time to do the stuff I want to accomplish, but end up filling most of it with the down time I deprive myself of throughout the year. That being said, I felt that I actually did better in the goal reaching department than most summers. At the end of the school year I made a list of things that I wanted to get done, lets see how I did.

1. Read three books: Reading Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr. Fox before witnessing their cinematic disembowelment aside, I did manage to accomplish this part of my overall goal to read more. I read the amazing The Rest Is Noise, the not as funny as Fluke book Lamb, the Gospel According to Biff, and I re-read The Restaurant At the End of the Universe, because I forgot half of the plot since I read it in middle school.

2-3. Write an hour of good music, and perform your music: I didn’t accomplish either of them this summer, but I made great head way by Practicing what I could perform, and writing some new stuff. I also worked a lot with the features of Ableton to work out some ways of improvised performances. I did put down some tracks, but did finalize much yet. Most notably I wrote the so-far un-named song that will be in a contest fairly soon. Don’t forget that you can still name it! I’m also working on a remix for another contest in October.

4. Get better at DJing: I got the Korg Nano Pad and Nano Kontrol and have devised some pretty exciting stuff with the samplers and 8 channels of Kontrol. This is one that I’m actually 100% that I accomplished.

5. Learn a new programming language: I was really ready to sit down and learn Flash AS3 and have it under my belt for the beginning of the year. But then I haven’t heard much positive about it and its future on the web. A lot more hype about HTML 5. I ended up just working on Max and doing more with that.

6. Come up with a senior project: I basically was setting myself up for failure on this one, as it won’t be approved until school starts back up. I do have a few ideas, but I don’t want to give anything away.

7. Create a website: This has been a goal for a long time. But since May, I think this has been as good as a website for summing up my works and other ramblings. However, there will always be a sleeker web solution out there, like my own domain and or some sweet HTML 5 crazyness.

8. Lose Ten Pounds: This is one that I can safely say that I failed. On the other hand, I haven’t gained weight, and in Northeast Ohio, that’s a big positive. There are more wings, better burgers, Great Lakes Beers, and so on and so forth. In fact, I laughed in the face of this goal with some pretty impressive culinary accomplishments. In one glorious night I survived atomic wings at Quaker Steak and drank baileys out of a shoe, both amazing gastronomical feats.

As summers go, I feel that this one went pretty well. Now its time to get ready for another exciting year of the University of Oregon.

New Logo!

A big thank you to David for this amazing new logo, it looks great!

“But Clode,” you might ask, “what’s the logo grinning so devilishly about?”

Well, he’s plotting all of the great sounds (and sights)  that will be coming from Clodewerks in the near future. Right now, the Clode Cave echoes with the sounds of new tracks, the blog swells with content to be posted, and the University of Oregon is hopefully preparing itself for putting up with me for another year.

Next week will be throwback week, where many of my pre-blog gems out there on the interwebs will be brought to the hallowed halls of the Clodewerks blog, with a new post everyday (starting Monday). Next month will feature the triumphant return of the Cleveland Show, as well as other productionly activities at KWVA. All of this as well as a bevvy of new tracks and blog posts, and hopefully some more collaborations with programmers and artists.

Stay Classy,


Classes in Review

I thought I would take some time to reflect on the quality of my education at the University of Oregon.

Here’s a breakdown:

For the whole year:

  • Jazz Lab III- I learned that I need to practice over the summer to do well in auditions (a mistake I will not repeat).  I also learned that most people become jazz masters in highschool whereas mine was only in existence some of the years I was there.
  • Trumpet Studio- I learned that having a goal and mindlessly working towards it is more productive than having a goal and rethinking every aspect of it everyday. I also learned how many weeks I can rehearse the Carnival of Venice before losing my mind ( eight).
  • Digital Audio Workstation- I learned about how cool Logic was and about the differences between DAWs. I also gained a lot of knowledge about mixing. I also worked on mixing some pretty crazy songs, especially the one about a rocket 😉

Fall Term:

  • Finale- Other than how to operate Finale, I learned about how everyone like Sibelius better. I also learned how to do Sprechstimme, because that is crucial. I am totally prepped for engraving music from the Second Viennese School and mass marketing it for a huge profit. Everybody loves tone rows!
  • Physics of Sound and Music- I learned a lot about how music and sound works through a series of amazing demos. I also learned that other people are not very good at math. The class ended up having a 30% curve, after I got an A, epic.
  • Digital Audio and Sound Design- This was basically the creative applications of the physics class, I learned Reaktor, which I won’t probably use ever again. I also learned that people are very anti experimental music, and my engraving idea probably won’t fly after all.


  • Eastern European Ensemble- I learned that I need to get better with my fingers on the trumpet. I also learned that traditional balkan music is pretty amazing.
  • Interactive Media Performance- Learned Max/MSP excellence. Most importantly, I learned that Bang means do it.
  • Intro to International Relations- I learned that online classes are a lot less stress and that I have to care a lot less when I don’t have to physically go to class.


  • Advanced Business Systems- I learned how to copy code from the professor. It gave me some sort of overview of how AJAX, PHP, and MYSQL work. Hooray CIT minor!
  • Media and Society- I learned that I successfully filled a gen. ed. requirement. That is all.
  • Electronic Composition- I learned Kyma, methods for granular synthesis, and swarming. I also made some cool sounds and a poem about fish.

Overall, I enjoyed the year a lot. I’ve improved a lot in the music tech area, from synthesis to the final mix down. The two gen eds I took were pretty boring, but at least they are out of the way. I got pretty much all A’s (except for one of my gen. eds. mostly because I stopped caring and learned to love the bomb.), so I feel like my year was  an overall success. I am looking forward to getting everything wrapped up and learning more crazy stuff next year.

Spooky Scenarios

I know some people out there don’t believe that I play trumpet because I spend the majority of my time making music with my laptop,  DJing, or writing random poems about tacos. In fact, every week I have to record myself playing the trumpet for studio. Out of the past ten weeks of the term, this was voted my best recording of the term. I’m thinking mostly because of the Twilight reference. Enjoy!

*note: Janet Stewart works very hard to keep the SOM in a pristine condition, and I have nothing personal against oboists. I’m sure Steve Buscemi is pretty on the inside, and there definitely are some pretty intense recorder youtubes out there. I do, however, have a negative opinion of Gary, Indiana, despite whatever the music man tells me.

** dually noted: The little player on here is from SoundCloud. If it doesn’t work or you want to hear more clodewerks stuff, hit it up on the bar to the left. I also have stuff on ilike and, if you are more into those things.